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What Do You Do With Old Family History Magazines?

A little while ago, one of our Twitter followers, @kinfolknews, asked the following questions:

What do you do with "old" #genealogy magazines? I was going to throw mine away... got a better idea?

I thought this was a really good question so pushed it out to the MyHeritage Twitter feed to see what answers you had for @kinfolknews's question.

 Almost immediately we had two responses

@quentaris said "Donate to family history groups"

@dgdillman said "Recycle, at the very least. Donate to a historical or genealogy society preferably."

Both noble ideas and very valid suggestions.

On top of that, while at the Sydney History and genealogy Expo recently, I saw old magazines being sold for 40c each - so in the process of recycling you might even be able to set up a little stall and make some of your money back.

Do you have old family history magazines and, if so, what do you do with them?


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  1. In the past I have donated mine to the local library.
  2. Good idea, fenella. Are they happy to accept them all or is there some sort of quality control?
  3. Scan and share them,

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