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UK Census Competition: Sharing Our Family Stories

We’ve just come across an interesting competition for UK users, and thought we’d share it with you.

On 27th March next year the UK will be conducting its national census, and to celebrate this a competition has been set up for UK residents to share their family stories.

Called ‘Then and now: family stories’, the competition gives people the chance to represent the changing face of Britain over the past several decades by showcasing the part their own families played in it.
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3 Ways to Get the Most out of the Festive Season for Your Family Research

With the festive season fast approaching (including the upcoming US Thanksgiving holiday on November 25th) now is the time to start thinking about how to get the most out of your family events for your family history research.

Whether you want to fill out your family tree, start involving new generations or add extra dimensions to your existing research, below are 3 simple suggestions for turning your family day into a great family history tool
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MyHeritage.com at the Imperial War Museum

This weekend MyHeritage.com sponsored the Imperial War Museum’s Family History Day, an an event to explore our personal roots with a focus on family history from the Blitz.
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The Changing Age of First Time Mothers

A friend of mine recently had her first baby at 35 and it got me thinking – how does that fit in with the average age of first time mothers around the world?

I mean, I’m sure women are starting families later than they were years ago, but how much later are they starting and is that the case all over the world?

In my search for answers, I discovered some research that that, while a little old (it was published a few years ago), provided some interesting insights into the difference between the average age of first time mothers in 1970 and 2006.

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MONOPOLY: A Worldwide Social Phenomenon

With fall upon us and many rainy days ahead, it's time to bring out the old board games for some family fun. One classic board game I'll be dusting off is Monopoly. Named after the economic concept of domination of a market by a single entity, Monopoly has been bringing families together for the last 75 years. Played by over a billion people, the game has not only been a staple in many homes, it has also become a professional sport, so to speak, with national championships held all over the world every four years!

Growing up, Monopoly was the ideal game to play around the holidays when grandparents and other relatives were in town. We would sit around the table, trying to buy up the most expensive properties like Park Place and Marvin Gardens, hoping to charge exorbitant rents once acquired. And all in good fun of course.
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Historypin: Photos from the Past

Yesterday we posted some photos from the Blitz, to tie in with this weekend's MyHeritage.com event at the Imperial War Museum in London. We promised to show you how you can create photos like this yourself, so here's a brief description of how to do this.
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Images of the Blitz

As we posted previously, MyHeritage.com is going to be attending this Saturday's family history event at the Imperial War Museum, London.

Since this event is focusing on World War II and the Blitz, we thought we'd share with you some fantastic images from that time. These are photos of London during the Blitz, but not as you know them. They've been superimposed on modern images from Google street view.

If you like these, stay tuned for tomorrow, when we'll let you know how you can generate images such as these for yourself - and for places and times beyond WWII London.

As always, just click on any of these images to enlarge for a better view.

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From Argentina to Australia – One Man’s Search Across the World For His Family

This post first appeared in the Spanish MyHeritage blog and has been translated into English for all to enjoy.

It was written by MyHeritage community member Kenneth Arthur Marlow Araujo and his wife Betty Edith Dons-Blædel


An interest in genealogy - researching who our elderly have been and what they have done, the problems they faced and how they resolved them -  is common to most who dare to publish a tree, starting with their parents and grandparents, and continuing as far back as they can.

This search probably involves a desire for identity, of belonging, that today is exacerbated by the speed at which changes take place, cosmopolitanism prevails in society in general. The mass of human beings.

In his Politics, Aristotle said that humans are social animals. In fact, today we live in cities, like cattle or flocks, without identity. Whoever we are, we have the feeling that there are thousands like us, and we have the feeling of fading into a gray background. Grayed by the speed with which our lives run.

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What Do You Do With Old Family History Magazines?

A little while ago, one of our Twitter followers, @kinfolknews, asked the following questions:

What do you do with "old" #genealogy magazines? I was going to throw mine away... got a better idea?

I thought this was a really good question so pushed it out to the MyHeritage Twitter feed to see what answers you had for @kinfolknews's question.

 Almost immediately we had two responses

@quentaris said "Donate to family history groups"

@dgdillman said "Recycle, at the very least. Donate to a historical or genealogy society preferably."

Both noble ideas and very valid suggestions.

On top of that, while at the Sydney History and genealogy Expo recently, I saw old magazines being sold for 40c each - so in the process of recycling you might even be able to set up a little stall and make some of your money back.

Do you have old family history magazines and, if so, what do you do with them?


img src="Collecting Paper Memories"

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