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Families Around the World

In this new series we’ll collect some of the best  family related stories of the past 7 days from all over the world and share them with you.

This week we have tales of serendipitous fortune for a mother and son, a reunion between father and daughter after 25 years, and more.

Forgotten Vase Brings Instant Fortune To Mother and Son

A British mother and son have stumbled into a life of wealth after the auction of a vase they found while clearing out a dead relative’s house. The vase, which dates back to the 1740’s and which almost certainly would have resided in the Chinese Royal palace, was sold for £43Miliion at auction making it the most expensive piece of Chinese ceramic ever sold.

You can read more about the story HERE


Packing Up Everything and Travelling the World with your family

Ever wished you could just pack up everything and travel around the world? Well one American family did just that. They “cashed in their investments, rented out their home, and took their kids on a year-long trip around the world” visiting 17 countries. David and kill Boesch have now written a book about their adventures.

You can see ainterview with the Boesch’s HERE


Father and Daughter’s relationship rekindled after 25 years of separation

An now for the emotional story of Jim Phillips, who gave his daughter up for adoption when she was 7 so that she could live with his ex-wife and her new partner. For the next 11 years Jim, and his daughter Farra, had no contact. At 18 Farra contacted Jim and for the next 14 years they corresponded via email and Facebook until their joint love for long distance running brought them together.

Read the story behind the reunion of Jim and Farra HERE


Are Only Children the Happiest Children?

A recent research report claims that only children are the happiest children and that the more siblings there are in a household the more unhappy children are.

Have a read of the story HERE and let us know if you agree.


image source: "fhsu.edu"

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