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The Geneatweets: 05/10/2010

10 of last week's weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.



@megansmolenyak: If you have #Irish roots, pls sign this petition to release the 1926 census: http://bit.ly/abiZdx (and please RT!) #genealogy #Ireland

@charlesemperor: @Charlemagne800 I am awed to be in your presence, my lord ancestor!

@ev0Lxx: And my nose is extremely burnt. *sigh* I have such terrible genes.

@bonnieeslinger: Census: More and more people are describing their ancestry as "American." #spj10

@JennaLKennedy: Traced my ancestory back to 1574 Scotland tonight! Even found a picture of an ancestor from 1630! This is so much fun!

@denver_rose: @anamariecox Someone quick do a genealogy on Christine O'Donnell. She may come from a long, long line of witches...

@AlaskaBadAss: @HiWay_Robbery did u know everyone with blue eyes shares a common ancestor

@paulatdisrupt: I was hoping to change my email address to pcarr@aol.com, but turns out my great grandfather already owns it.

@ivortymchak: @RichardMichie Misery is the default setting of the Russian soul. Do you have Russian ancestry?

@BRIANMCQUILKIN: oh my. learning toooo much bout my family history from ol gramom!

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  1. I should have been in there somewhere. :) I tweet about #genealogy all the time.
  2. Hi Carol, we'll keep an eye out for you this week!

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