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How Fast Has the GeneaBlogging Community Been Growing?

It's an interesting question for anybody writing in the field, and not a straightforward one to answer. Do we measure by the number of blogs out there, or the number of times those bloggers are posting? And how do we find out these figures? Has anyone been keeping track of the number of new blogs out there?

Here's one way to get a handle on things. The below is a search for mentions of geneablogger keywords - 'genealogy', 'family history', and so on. These were searched for through Google Blog Search, which allows you to segment by date.

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This is far from the final word on the subject, but it does show how in five years we have seen a near ten-fold increase in posts coming from the GeneaSphere.

There also seems to be a very slight trend towards posts appearing in the earlier months of the year. Does winter time make for staying inside and partying it up with some census documents? Or are we simply making new year's resolutions to get blogging which we just can't keep?

These are very rough figures, but we'll be keeping an eye out for any more detailed information on this topic. If you know of any better ways to figure this out, drop us a comment in the box below.

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  1. You've made the common mistake that everything relates to the Northern Hemisphere and your seasons. I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, (like maybe a...um...few...genealogists) and the early months are summer for us. For me it gets so darn hot I stay inside with the aircon and spend time on the computer :)
  2. Yep, I should have mentioned that! I figured the trend would lean towards the northern hemisphere given the US's size, but of course the opposite would be true further south. Things might even lean the opposite way if we were running the search in Spanish.

    I am however envious of your current weather conditions!

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