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A Mobile Phone in the 1920s?

We stumbled across this footage today, and we're having a hard time explaining it. This is supposedly footage from outside the Hollywood premiere of Charlie Chaplin's film, The Circus. For those of you who have knowledge of this period - outfits people wore, technology available, and so on - take a look and see what you make of it. An explanation behind the video from the man who 'discovered' it can be seen here.

Here's the footage. It's not just the 'phone', but the outfit that seems strange.

Current theories we have are:

*It's some sort of hearing aid

*It's a voice recorder

*The individual is just a bit crazy, and holding her hand to her head while talking to herself for no apparent reason

*It's fake

Any ideas to shine some light on this are most welcome!

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  1. Simply an old lady cupping her hand to her ear to hear better, probably trying to listen to the director.
  2. Need to have a new cell phone tracker

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