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The Importance of Family Medical History

A key part of compiling your family history has to do with researching when family members lived and died.

With a little bit of extra work, however, you can turn your research from a tool that can help you find out more about your past, to one which can also help you find out more about your future.

That little bit of extra work I'm speaking about is tracking your family medical history and knowing more about this can play a large role in helping you and your family understand the genetic health risks that you may be predisposed to in future.

So how do you go about tracking your family medical history?

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Doing Things Differently: Chinese Naming Conventions

Sometimes it’s worth taking a step back from the way we do things, and taking a look at something different.

What appears to us as “just the way things are” can seem completely different went thrown into relief against other cultures.
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Genealogy and Adoption – Part 1 – Which Family?

For many people, starting the process of tracking and recording your family history is as simple as creating an account on MyHeritage, putting in parents’ names, then adding partners/siblings/children etc.

For adopted children, however, it’s not that simple.

Not only are there issues of access to information but there are often more fundamental questions that need to be dealt with before the genealogical process can begin.

In this post, and the next few parts of this series, we will look at ways that technology and MyHeritage can help with information discovery as well as the genealogical process more generally.

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StoryCorps: Oral History for the USA

We’ve blogged about oral history before, and if this is an area you’re interested in there’s a site you might want to take a look at.
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A Place for Irish Genealogy, Networking, and More

You may well have noticed that we’ve been covering Irish genealogy a lot lately. (And if you haven’t, our recent posts are here and here.)

In the hope that we haven’t yet overdosed you on Irish content and with the promise that we'll cover other geographies soon, we thought we’d follow up by introducing a nice new site for the Irish community: RendezVous353.
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Six Degrees of Separation

Exploring your family history is always fascinating and can unearth a wealth of information, as well as bringing together long lost relatives.  From time to time we hear wonderful stories about people reunited with lost relatives who were living close by, or who were connected to the same circle of friends. 

This can also include great examples of the concept of Six Degrees of Separation.  The premise of Six Degrees of Separation is that we are all connected by up to five other people. Continue reading "Six Degrees of Separation" »

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Five Tips for Reaching Your Genealogy Goals

We all know the scenario. You set an objective for yourself and your research, and fire yourself up with the ambition to achieve it. You go for it with all your energy, but then get distracted, slow down, and become occupied with something else. Before you know it what you’ve been aiming for is left by the wayside.
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User Story: To Russia, With Love

John Phillips, a 78 year old pensioner from Sydney, has created a wonderful documentary “To Russia, With Love” about his wife’s search for her family.

For 67 years his wife Netalija and her cousin Marianna thought each other was dead, after being separated in the battle of Leningrad in 1941. The documentary records the first emotional meeting of Netalija and Marianna, and their families, after 67 years. It is dedicated to Dr Janis Licis who saved Netalija, her mother and brother from the German slave labour camps.

Netalija and her brother Ernest

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How do you say ‘Genealogy’ Abroad?…

Genealogy. Nice word, isn’t it?

But how do people express this term in other languages and cultures?
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