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How do you say ‘Genealogy’ Abroad?…

Genealogy. Nice word, isn’t it?

But how do people express this term in other languages and cultures?

We’ve had a quick root around for the term in a variety of languages – some obscure, some closer to home - and below is what we came up with. And before you ask: no, we don’t know how to pronounce all of these either.

But it’s interesting to take a look and see the word that’s on the mind of your brothers-and-sisters-in-arms overseas.

Incidentally, if you know the word for genealogy in a language outside of this list, feel free to post it in the comments below. This selection is by no means exhaustive.


French - Généalogie

German - Genealogie

Spanish - Genealogía

Portuguese - Genealogia

Dutch - Genealogie

Italian - Genealogia

Polish - Genealogia

Slovenian: Genealogija

Swedish - Släktforskning

Danish - Slægtsforskning

Norwegian - Slektsforskning

Finnish - Sukututkimus

Czech - Genealogie

Afrikaans - Genealogie

Hungarian - Származástan

Hebrew - גנאלוגיה

Russian - Генеалогия

Indonesian - Silsilah

Hindi - वंशावली

Greek - γενεαλογία

Turkish - şecere

Arabic - علم الانساب

Farsi - سلسله شناسی

Chinese - 族谱(Zú pǔ)

Japanese - 系図 (Keizu)

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