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The Geneatweets: 27/08/2010

A collection of some of the week's weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.

“One afternoon in the sun and I'm burnt. Thanks, Scottish ancestors.” (@emillogical)

“For some reason I want to sing along to the radio really loudly today.” (@alisonlodge)

“Unfortunately the cats don't like the F-111 noise. They blame us, as we go outside to look and they think we've caused it.” (@WollemiPine)

“I also read of a Russian describing Please Mr Postman as the most beautiful love song ever written. Good rousing rock number but love song?” (@WollemiPine)

“struggling, somewhat, to get back into the groove. hope you lot, on the other hand, are firing on all cylinders” (@monkchips)

“has to go a genealogy project this semester and doesn't really know where to start. Census records seem to be a dead end.” (@CaitlanWho)

“Still waiting every day for some will copies which will hopefully give some interesting info on various ancestors who were pub landlords.” (@wideblueskies)

“Children should be seen and not heard. My Victorian ancestors had one thing right.” (@quinnykins)

“OMG how did our ancestors survive without 87 different appliances in their kitchen” (@BestAppliances1)

“Why the hell my relatives think that I'm some heavy alcoholic” (@Vinylriceboy)

“My most boring relatives are over. Family commitments can be so annoying!Especially when my mum keeps nagging me.” (@XxTwilliciousxX)

“I'm looking at our relatives' fb profiles .....and i find it as a twisted thing to do! And I'm enjoying it!” (@adalarderoyalty)

“Why do my relatives kept on saying that Justin Bieber is a gay? Wish they would just shut up and mind their businesses. :/” (@nixylovesbieber)

“Go and holiday and guilt trip the dog-sitting relatives into doing it. Worked for me!”

“More info than any of you need or require but I'm off to the hospital for a lovely relaxing procedure called a sweep.” (@nicstep)

“Do be do, hurry up train. I really want a bagel” (@halbpro)

“Think I'm gonna love the class I had today! AND got a call from an unknown distant relative asking about genealogy! Such an awesome day!”

“If our ancestors have had terrifying dreams pretty much identical to ours, does that mean my ancestors dreamt of Jerry Orbach?” (@mreida)

“So.. after Hitler's DNA test.. it showed that he had Jewish and African ancestors... does that make him related to Lenny Kravitz?” (@Reisedogg)

“Meeting relatives from Aachen today. They speak funny. :( (@nosugarinmytea)

“My pet rock died today. I buried him with his dead relatives. ;) (@JKWisler)

“Loves 3am phone calls from relatives...I swear I'm the next Dear Abby...” (@Puchi_La_Diva88)

“I was a depressed kid who bore grudges when my relatives gave me dolls for presents.” (@srzly)

“Relatives have arrived, and my bed's in disarray. Actually, disarray is the wrong word. It's more like massacred.” (@thenightsshadow)

“Like a 5% chance I may murder someone for the delicious smelling sandwich they have. Actually drooling” (@halbpro)

“My dad sent me an email this morning with info about one of our ancestors. He invented the strawberry punnet basket. How cool is that?” (@KTSerendipity)

“While explaining Facebook to relatives, my 7-year old cousin asked, "How can someone write on your wall if they can't get in your house?"” (@ann_lee87)

“#18thcenturyinternet The American Colonies have unfriended Great Britain. France likes this.” (@PaulAshbyUB)

“U know what fascinates me? The American accent. How the hell did our British ancestors flip an accent to SUCH an extent and make a new one?” (@DiGi_Valentine)

“Now time for me to get to my genealogy, am in a searching mood. Grin” (@alliecor)

“If God put your genealogy in the bible would he point you out like he did with Enoch or would he just move on like he did with Kenan?” (@irnsides)

“I never got this pride with which people trace their lineage back to the Mayflower. Your ancestors were religious wackos noone liked.” (@ermso)

“My dog whines and whimpers when we clip her nails...her ancestors worked 24 hours a day or hunted bison...she's such a freakin princess! :P (@Anth_ology)

“I'm almost positive my ancestors roll over in their graves when I pour Guinness from a can” (@jsterlingtaylor)

“A husband said to his wife, "No, I don't hate your relatives. In fact, I like your mother-in-law better than I like mine."” (@Buggz79(

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