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The GeneaTweets: 30/07/2010

A collection of the week’s weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.

“Oh dear I've fallen into the genealogy pit and can't get out...” (@GothicBlue)

“I'm always late. My ancestors arrived on the June Flower.” (ElizabethM8Howl)

“Going to see the ancestors in Livingston tomorrow! I mean, relatives!” (@jken)

“Well that'll teach me for doing a spot of genealogy. My great great grandfather was pedophile.” (@zombiemao)

“Nothing more annoying than someone who retweets their own posts.....repeatedly. I love the ‘unfollow’ button.” (@TawnaNZ)

“My 97 year old uncle just joined Facebook! Do I have a cool uncle, or what? LOL!” (@Landailyn)

“is it safe to assume that larry hoovers ancestors were owned by j edgar hoovers ancestors??” (@loserkid745)

“The person who has nothing to brag about but their ancestors is like a potato; the best part of them is underground.” (@Chasityncgr)

“your ancestors called it magic, you call it science and i come from a place where they are one in the same”

“Fam is visiting in Sept. I wanna hire an actor to ‘mug’ us. I feel like NYC should have a service like this for asshole relatives, like me.” (@cornfedchris)

“Thats over 3000 followers in less than a week!!!!! How does he get numbers like that when he golfs all day? Check him out!!!!!” (@timothyrjohnson)

“I'm feeling a bit like my British ancestors today. I ran out of coffee, so I'm having English breakfast tea this morning.” (@RockMaidenBritt)

“I'm writing a letter, an actual pen on paper kinda thing. Feels so weird. I feel so connected to my ancestors.” (@norafizabasri)

“Oh good god, Selfridges are starting the Christmas season on August 2nd. WHY?!” (@halbpro)

“In the 18th Century it was common practice to give a new baby the name of a previous child who had died” (@FindMyFolks)

“Just seen advert for canine genealogy kit. Analyses dog's DNA and identifies its ancestry by using a swab inside its cheek. Only in the US.” (@DiscoMirror)

“150 years ago my ancestors were boat people. Now I vote people!” (@becadroit)

“Just found out that I have some Portuguese blood in me because my ancestors were Portuguese, hence my last name, D'Souza. So sick!” (@ryansouza3)

“Where there's a will, there are five hundred relatives.” (@megankornguth)

“Spent whole day transcribing interviews, now off to Shelbourne to pretend I'm posh & have dinner with American relatives.” (@Claire_McGing)

“Just popped the James Bond theme tunes on at work. "From Russia with Love" is currently playing. Not one of the more upbeat tunes.” (@SarahIsaacs)

“Facebook friend request from grand-daughter accepted. Almost feel whole. Waiting for the other 10 to show up” (@dahowlett)

“My dad is just awesome. I ask for a cookie and he turns it into a debate about my life, animal cruelty, obesity, and genealogy.”

“Seriously, it's bad enough you raped and pillaged my ancestors' country, now you have to rape and pillage bandwidth?!” (@BioMechGinger)

“Just spotted male attendee of seminar down the corridor exiting staff-only ladies' loo. Fail on two counts.” (@white_hart)

“Precious genealogy photos should NOT be stored in a basement or an attic. Temperature changes and moisture quickly damage family treasures.”

“Never really thought about it, but since I'm part Swedish...I probably have Viking ancestors! KICK ASS!” (@paigemcbeth)

“looool. i was looking through really old family photos, and all my ancestors looked so depressed and scruffy!” (@Yakkaaa)

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  1. Danke ihnen für disse schwere arbeit wünsche ihnen alles gutes.

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