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Poll: Which MyHeritage.com Feature do you Like the Most?

We often use this blog as a means to tell you about our features, but seldom has it allowed you to tell us about them. We thought we'd try and change that.

So, in the spirit of open discourse and two-way communication, we're going to run a small series of polls. You get to say which aspects of the site you like and dislike; what you'd like to see more of and what you'd like to hear less about. We thought it'd be worthwhile because it lets you give some instant feedback, and because, well, everybody likes polls. (Don't they?)

This week's question is simple: which of the following features is your favourite? If it's not listed in this set, feel free to click 'other'. And if want to leave a bit more detail, just drop us a comment in the box below.

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  1. This was tough. I really like the smart matching, but there seems to be no way to turn it off if the match is a bad one. So my vote went to charts and books. I frequently use the charts for new family members who are joining my site to bring them up to speed quickly -- and to get them enthused.
  2. Yeah agree with you scott, the charts and books futures are really great. I always show our family tree chart to family members, and they become excited instantly when they saw it, as it is really big tree. I'm so happy when they become interested and ask me bout it.
  3. I have to say that Family Tree Builder and the format of your web sites surpass any others that I have tried. I especially like the new features you keep bringing out ...such as the New Profile page..it really gives one everything that you want to see on an indiviual. Congratulations on creating a truly fine Family tree recording and reporting sysytem..the best out there for sure.
  4. I'm split between two favourites. I love the relationship report. My distant cousins are stunned when I'm able to tell them "you're my fifth cousin three times removed'. I also love the way you can produce books and charts and customise them with number of relatives etc. That has been invaluable as I've been able to send the to members of the family without internet access. I also incorporate them into scrapbooks.

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