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Poll: How Far Back Does Your Genealogy Research Go?

Everyone's researching their family history, but some have gone further back than others. How far into the past does your tree extend? Let us know in this poll, or add a comment with more detail on your story.

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  1. interesting results. my furtherest back is 1550. which is the 16th century. I wonder if people are really entering their "centuries" correctly!?! i.e., 20th Century was the 1900's!?! I would have thought, actually, that there would have been some people who hadn't gotten beyond that. perhaps not. 19th Century is the 1800's, etc.
  2. I would lke to see something added on this that asks if you have documented your information or not. Crucial point! I used to waste too much time chasing folks who just slapped stuff together.

    I have documented one branch in Bohemia back to 1650's, one in Kent, England to the 1660's, and one in Cornwall, UK back to 1750's.
  3. It is possibel that some people ancestry reach till the beginning of 20th century or by the end of the 19th century. Remember that 'black' people did not had to register themself in the begin of the 20th century. They had to take an exam before they were aloud registerd them self as an american citizen.
    In my family we have birth certificate but no death certificate or other wise. The records can be incomplete too.

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