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The GeneaTweets: 16/07/2010

A collection of the week’s weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.

“just got a phonecall from some Irish guy wanting to order shoes. Because he saw my blogpost about Nike shoes” (@mseckington)

“This genealogy stuff is like my whole heart and soul. I love it.” (@Love_Is_Dope)
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In the Footsteps of Your Ancestors

While many choose their vacation destinations in the midst of sunshine, scenery, and beaches, a new type of tourism is booming.
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Three Uplifting Inheritance Stories

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Inheritance - uplifting? Well yes, it can be just that.

Inheritance is often a complex issue within families, and an issue which - as the existence of the Heir Hunters Association makes plain - occasionally requires the input of genealogists.
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Interview with Rajesh Haldipur: ‘What do you Give to Someone who is 100, is Healthy, and Wealthy?’

Rajesh's grand-uncle, Atmaram Ganpatrao Haldipur, whose 100th birthday prompted the creation of the family tree

Last week MyHeritage spoke to Rajesh Haldipur, from Mumbai, India. Rajesh faced a unique challenge earlier this year, as his grand-uncle’s 100th birthday was approaching on the horizon. “The problem,” said Rajesh, “was what do you give to a person who is turning 100, is healthy and sharp in all his faculties, who has been the de facto head of the family for 50 of his 100 years, and who is reasonably wealthy and not wanting in material means. What do you give to somebody who already has it all?”

Rajesh eventually had a brainwave, and began to think about the idea of piecing together a family tree for his grand-uncle. “I stumbled across your website MyHeritage.com, and thought: ‘why not?’ I thought I might actually try and put this together. My only regret now is that I didn’t think of doing it earlier!”
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Interview with the Hispanic Genealogist Daniela Massolo

"Today with the advancement of medicine, knowing the history of our family could save or at least improve the quality of life for our families."

Daniela is an important genealogist that lives in Argentina. Her great interest, research and passion for genealogy resulted in several web pages, one recently launched in English. These sites  are of a great interest and guide for all those who are new to genealogy. Also can be a great resource for people that are investigating their Spanish roots. For MyHeritage it is an honor to present this interview we did with her.

When we asked her about MyHeritage, Daniela said: "I am using Family Tree Builder since 2004 and I love its aesthetic, overall it all seems to me it is very intuitive and easy to use."

Her life

Daniela was born in a small town in the province of La Pampa and now lives in Buenos Aires. The area where she was born was virgin territory until early 1900, when it was colonized by Italian immigrants, most of Piedmont. Continue reading "Interview with the Hispanic Genealogist Daniela Massolo" »

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Czech-German roots of American “green”

The US Dollar was established on 6 July, 1785 and became the official monetary unit of the U.S...

A few days ago the whole USA celebrated its 225th birthday! Congrats!

On July 6, 1785, the United States baptized "green" as its national tender. At that time nobody could have imagined that the dollar would become the most important currency in the global economy.

The Dollar's family tree has its roots in the Czech city Jáchymov where its name originated from: Joachimsthaler. Silver coins were launched into circulation by the German princes in the sixteenth century in Europe. Over time the name changed from coins to thalers. Germany had its own official name for it: Reichsthaler and in England they were called rix-dollar. With the popularity of silver coins in the American colonies, the dollar finally reached American territory.

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Poll: Which MyHeritage.com Feature do you Like the Most?

We often use this blog as a means to tell you about our features, but seldom has it allowed you to tell us about them. We thought we'd try and change that.
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Genetic Test Pinpoints Origins ‘To Within 5 Miles’

If tracing ancestors through DNA wasn’t futuristic enough already, genetic technology for genealogy is set to get even better.
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User Story: Gemma Turner Rediscovers Local Family Roots

A photograph of some of the ancestors Gemma has found on her search

While many family history enthusiasts don’t get started until late in their careers, Gemma Turner’s research began right at the beginning. A student in the UK, Gemma began piecing her tree together at age 20, and has now been at it for several months.

“I was first drawn to genealogy on a three week break from university,” she said. “I had just finished my first set of honours examinations and was looking for something different to sink my teeth into, and I wasn’t having much luck with a 1000-piece jigsaw!”

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The GeneaTweets: 02/07/2010

A collection of the week’s weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.
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