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5 Tips for Introducing Kids to Genealogy

We’ve recently had a few MyHeritage community members ask us for advice on how to introduce kids to genealogy.

First of all let’s start by saying it’s understandable that most kids have limited interest in the subject.

As kids grow up they are exposed to more information about their families and start to think more intellectually about society and culture. With that comes a natural curiosity about who they are and where they came from.

But how do you kickstart that process earlier?

Below are 5 successful tips that we’ve collected over the years. Let us know what you think:

1. Tell stories!  - Stories are a great way to get kids interested in learning more about their ancestors. Tell the story about that crazy aunt, the daredevil cousin or the pioneering grandmother. Make the stories fun and interesting and remember that a bit of embellishment never hurts  if the outcome is increased attention.

2. Get children to create a fact sheet about their family – Getting kids started is often the hardest part so why not set them a task? Give them some family history  interview tips and set them loose on siblings/parents/cousins and grandparents. Remember, though, that you need to focus on process, not outcome. While the document at the end is nice to have, the real success will be in making the process of collecting the information fun.

3. Make it a puzzle/game – Ever wondered why Dora the Explorer, Blue’s Clues and other similar TV shows are so popular? Kids are built to learn through play. Explain to them  that creating a complete family tree is a puzzle that needs to be solved and watch them get started!

4.  “Where did I come from?”  - Not ready for the birds and the bees talk yet? Why not try some family history instead. Not only will it pique their interest but it may help you out of a sticky situation for a little while longer…

5. Get them to use an online site like MyHeritage - Sure we may be a little biased here, but the latest generation of kids have been dubbed “Digital Natives”. They have never known a world without the Internet, mobile phones or mp3s. As such, their frame of reference for learning is heavily reliant on these things.  Sites like MyHeritage let kids use familiar tools to research, aggregate and share information about their families. On top of that there are fun features like “Celebrity Look-a-Like”, which will keep them entertained for hours.

These are just a few successful tips we know of.

Do you have some other suggestions based on what's worked for you?

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