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The GeneaTweets: 11/06/2010

A collection of the week’s weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.

“Been doing some geneology with my nan. Trying to find out old ancestors. Fascinating, but expensive work.” (@matthewhughes)

“A night of genealogy with the father-in-law. Traced a line to 1450 Germany and six lines to pre-1730 Pennsylvania. I'm crazy German.” (@incanus77)

“Returning to the land of my ancestors the American way: As a foreigner attempting to defeat them at their own sport. Back on the 20th!”

“Documenting genealogy research is vital. importance of documentation of sources in genealogy not stressed enough.”

“thinking of using twapperkeeper for an archive of library twitter account, wondering if there r any implications I should be worried about” (@damyantipatel)

“Doing a volunteer shift in the library at the Maritime Museum. Open window = perfect level of ‘old book smell’ Closed = overwhelming.” (@lisarex)

“You bet! 8 generations ago my ancestors came here by boat too! Boat people rool!” (@HillbillySkill)

“Even more tired than normal after work tonight. Don't know why. More coffee needed I think.” (@WollemiPine)

“Perhaps tea would be better. Yes. Tea it is.” (@WollemiPine)

“Great. Again with the late night genealogy timesuck. Bloodshot eyes and double-fisted Red Bull are in my near future.”

“Trivial Pursuit question: ‘What is the study of the earth?’ Answers available archeology, genealogy, morphology, geology...so hard.” (@TechCommando)

“Genealogy is a mind bending business. All those people to connect; it's like Facebook for dead people.” (@the_infamous_t)

“Yeah, sometimes their velociraptor ancestors reveal themselves. Flying dinosaurs! At least chicken are quite ground-bound.” (@logicalerror)

“fairly certain my irish ancestors hail from county kerry, which is a pretty badass county if i do say so myself.” (@RevHooliganGSS)

“I have high cheek bones because my father's side of the family has Cherokee ancestors.” (@QuoteThatShit)

“Just discovered (and loving) the Google Sky app. I am the shame of my ancestors who actually memorized the constellations.” (@KyDickens)

“Oh!!! and also found out that our ancestors were originally french, thats right, it was spelt "Champlay". how. awesome.”

“More #familyhistory mysteries: Need to confirm this with my Dad, but there's a rumour that my Grandmother captured a German spy during WW2!” (@perfitlady)

“What's a verb for "doing genealogy research"? As in "I'd rather be _______." Because I'd rather be ______!” (@GravestonedPug)

“Sod revision for now. Genealogy time! XD” (@charlie_l_y)

“why is it that always when I'm in a productive mood, I completely forget to eat?” (@msecklington)

“One cup of coffee down.” (@jmestepa)

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