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The GeneaTweets: 04/06/2010

A collection of the week’s weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.

“My genealogy summer is being temporarily interrupted by work. I was hoping they wouldn’t find me until the fall.” (@genwishlist)

“Don't end up as a name on a genealogy chart. Share the stories!” (@lifestorylady)

“I am not without an innate sense of rhythm; my ancestors must have been rather outstanding at jigging on the heath.” (@zizzlezazzle)

“I wonder if decades from now my Great-Grandkids will be reading these tweets to learn about one of their dead ancestors. 'Hi'" (@postsecret)

“They definitely fight FOR ham. Delicious, processed, honorific ham. The ham of their ancestors." (@honkus)

“1901 Irish Census now online, but raises more genealogical questions than answers. Oh ancestors, why so muddled? Why all called Edward?” (@siraeve)

“Apparently I got Turkish, Persian and African ancestors. Saaaaaaay whut?!” (@JillLeDeux)

“Genealogy karma is cashing in. After all the stuff I have done for others, someone has been feeding me lots of great stuff about my Irish.” (@Dowbiggin)

“Tempted to buy one of those suits and switch nationality. Bound to be some Viking blood somewhere in my genealogy.” (@Jim_Clayton)

“I Love Computer Genealogy. found a long lost great aunt I've been looking for for 30 years” (@hwjohn)

“I'm at the point in my life where I don't remember *where* I learned, many of the things I've learned.” (@jonmyers)

“While my ancestors helped Shakespere write his plays Jane’s ancestors were village idiots in the stocks for having scurvy he he he.” (@NathanSturley)

“Research on your ancestors is best done at dawn. Also, I slept half the day yesterday :) (@donalmulligan)

“Found a website listing ancestors on my mother's side back to the 16th century. Jackpot.” (@richardiurilli)

“Drove through small town where Bruce's dad went to high school, 1926. Appreciated librarian's help. Another link in Bruce's genealogy quest.” (@miss_dazey)

“We had one of our regular customers phone in today, to let us know he wouldn't be coming in because he was ill! LOL!” (@genebrarian)

"Good morning from my corner of Houston. The whole family is home and thus I have no office. Luckily my genealogy skillz are portable." (@ACottin)

“Going through this genealogy book my Uncle wrote for my Dad. Got some pretty sweet ancestors in here. William The Conqueror FTW.” (@Riversmccown)

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