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Flag Day: Draped in Tradition

June 14th 2010 will be celebrated in the US as national Flag Day. Flag Day comemorates the adoption of the good old “stars and stripes” 233 years ago, after the Second Continental Congress in 1777. Continue reading "Flag Day: Draped in Tradition" »

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The Interview Series: Blogger and Genealogist Chris Paton

This week we interviewed Chris Paton, one of the most prominent genealogists in Scotland. Chris works and teaches in Scotland, is the author of Researching Scottish Family History, and also manages the Scottish Genealogy News and Events blog. We began by asking him how he got into genealogy and family history.
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Visit the MyHeritage stand at the Jamboree in California this weekend

The renowned Southern Californian Genealogy Society runs the popular Jamboree in Burbank, CA, this weekend - one of the largest regional genealogy conferences in the US. We've set up our booth at the side entrance to the main hall. If you are in the area today or tomorrow, make sure you drop by at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, visit us at stand #138. It was very busy yesterday and today will be busier. In addition to the packed exhibit hall featuring booths for all major genealogy industry companies, there are great talks to listen to in the 11 lecture halls.

MyHeritage's Daniel Horowitz will be speaking today at 11:30am about "face recognition technology" and at 3:30pm about "Family Tree Builder" and our Schelly Talalay Dardashti will be on the panel during the "blogger summit" at 11:30am and then talk about the "Iberian Ashkenaz DNA project" at 2:00pm.

MyHeritage stand - Jamboree 2010

Mario, Schelly and Daniel at the MyHeritage stand

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The GeneaTweets: 11/06/2010

A collection of the week’s weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.
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Say What? The Origins of English Phrases

Spoken English is littered with proverbs, sayings, and phrases. When someone flies off the handle because it’s raining cats and dogs, then gets the cold shoulder from his trouble and strife - even though she said she’d make no bones about it…we like to think we understand what’s going on.

And we do, for the most part. Our sayings are so familiar to us that we don’t stop to question them. But while many sayings make sense, there are others whose origins are a little harder to figure out. We’ve taken a look at a few of these, and tried to find some explanations for why they are what they are.
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Circular Relations Feature Now Available

MyHeritage.com is pleased to introduce another new tool for piecing together your family tree. Now you can link two individuals in your tree with additional relationship information. Continue reading "Circular Relations Feature Now Available" »

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UK National Archives: Free Family History Podcasts

If you haven't seen it already, the UK National Archives website is well worth taking a look at. The site as a whole offers a wealth of resources, but in particular there are a series of podcasts which are targeted at family history researchers.
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The GeneaTweets: 04/06/2010

A collection of the week’s weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.
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Irish 1901 Census Published Online

For those who haven't heard the news already, the 1901 Irish Census was set live today. It's hosted on the National Archives of Ireland website, which you can access for free here.
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Search Engines for Genealogy: Going Beyond Google

Search engines aren’t the most talked-about of online genealogy tools, but are in many ways one of the most important. They're frequently used to check facts, or to find more information on a person or place. They’re also the gateway to many of the other resources out there. If you have a records site you use, or a particular blog you visit, there’s a fair chance you got there first by a search engine.

One thing that's interesting about the search engine market is how under-utilized the majority of it is. Google currently hosts around two-thirds of internet search, with Yahoo and Bing – which people use for similar reasons – taking up an additional 28%. Among genealogists, who are often conservative in their browsing habits, this trend may be even more stark. It's like an ice cream parlor where no one's ordering anything except vanilla.
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