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NEW: Move Profiles in your Family Tree

Quite often in building family trees we blunder and find that we’ve placed Aunt Jane as the daughter of dear mom, or have children all mixed up when it comes to who was born first, or dad’s somehow the direct descendant of our great grandfather! These are just a few of the slightly funny, yet also innervating aspects of building digital family trees. But now, they can be solved on MyHeritage.com's family tree and we’re going to walk you through the process.

We will use the example that a child was created with the wrong parents.

Here you can see that Bart Simpson was incorrectly placed in the family tree as the son of his aunt Patty Bouvier, so our goal will be to put him back with his real parents, Marge and Homer.

How do I attach a person (how do I move a person)?

As Bart is currently attached to Patty he cannot simply be attached to a new set of parents. You will first have to detach Bart from his current relation. In order to do so, click on the small plus sign at the bottom of the profile and drill down on “Delete link”.

A panel at the right of your screen will open and display all of the existing relationships for that specific person (ie. brothers, sisters, parents, children). In this case Bart will only be related directly to his Aunt Patty.

Once the link is deleted your family tree will reload, in this case because Bart has no other relationships defined the profile will be floating. Before you move on with the rest of the tree you must specify and connect the profile anew.  If you click on the plus arrow at the bottom of the profile and drill down on “Connect to an existing person” , you will once again see a side-bar appear letting you connect the individual to either a parent, a child or a spouse.

In this case we will link Bart to his father, Homer Simpson.

After confirming the relation and clicking OK the page refreshes and now Bart is back to his regular parents.

What do I do if the mother has multiple partners?

The makers of Big Love, the HBO miniseries have made a big bang with polygamy, but if it happened to your tree by accident it can be a bit frustrating. Not to worry, now if you mistakenly assign someone another spouse, the application will let you know immediately.  You can also identify if a mother or father is a single parent, and the child will on be related to the specified parent.

You will find all these options available on the side bar when you click on "Connect to an existing person".

Hope you enjoy the new features and let us know if you have any questions.

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  1. Connect to an existing partner does NOT give you the option "Select how to connect children" Real big problem !

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