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Let’s solve a puzzle!

Genealogists love to help people discover information about their families.

Here's a simple success story just posted on our MyHeritage Genealogy Blog that was accomplished in a matter of minutes using two online sources. 

Although not all questions have such quick-and-easy answers, this case made one northern California researcher very happy!

Can you tell what Eastern European location is referred to in this US arrival record?

Where in the world is this town?

Click here to read more.

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Can Date of Birth Affect Personality? (Part 2)

Last week we blogged on how date of birth can affect one’s personality, albeit not in the way astrologists suggest. There was a slight but statistically significant tendency for children born in summer months to become more outgoing in later life, and to rate themselves as ‘lucky’. There is, however, another phenomenon that stems from birth dates, and one which can affect not only someone’s personality but one’s success in life as a whole.
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Can Date of Birth Affect Personality?

What does your date of birth say about you? The answer usually depends on how superstitious you are. The astrologers, on the one hand, claim that your date of birth profoundly shapes who you are; the purveyors of common sense, meanwhile, argue that these views are codswallop of the choicest variety.

Until fairly recently, the latter seemed to be in the right. The psychologist Hans Eysenck spent much of the late 70s and early 80s exploring the relationship between star sign and personality traits. What he found was that the zodiac can affect how you describe yourself in personality questionnaires, but

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From Antiquated to Hi-Tech: a Specific Genealogy of Communication

1868. Business is changed forever.

2010. Every day hundreds of millions plop down behind a desk. It is a stationary space collecting mementos and notes, candy wrappers, pencil shavings. It is plugged in. A cup of coffee, a stretch to wish away sleep and the screen flickers on. Another day of business.  Fingers rip across their QWERTY keyboards, and a mouse click takes us from our private enclave to a public sphere for minds to gather, reflect, and comment. Continue reading "From Antiquated to Hi-Tech: a Specific Genealogy of Communication" »

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Where in the World is Your Surname Located?

Last month we made a post about a surname finder for the UK. Now, we can report, we've found one that gives you a portrait of your surname across the world.
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Tracing Italian Roots: What Sites Are Out There?

Italian ancestry is extremely common in the English-speaking world. Around five million Italians migrated to the US in the 19th and 20th centuries. Even in the UK, there are large numbers of families with Italian origins, as the size of the Anglo-Italian Family History Society attests.

This article takes a look at what sites are out there to assist you in Italian genealogy research. English-language resources are inevitably fairly scarce in this area, but these sites should get you off to a good start.
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In Celebration of Fathers: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a worldwide event. It is a celebration of dad’s and granddad’s, fatherhood, and paternal bonds. Fifty-five countries celebrate Father’s Day every third Sunday in June. Father's day was believed to be first observed in 1910, conceived as a counterpart to the ever popularizing Mother’s day. Sonora Smart Dodd is credited with the concept, she felt  father’s should be celebrated in equality with mothers. Her father was a Civil War veteran, a hero, and a widow who raised his six children alone.

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An America of Another Time

Occasionally online, we fall upon a small unpretentious site that unearths something wonderful. Old Pictures is just this kind of site, based out of the US this site has a vast collection of historic photos dating from the 1850 to 1940.

Hopi Snake Priest, 1910

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NEW: Move Profiles in your Family Tree

Quite often in building family trees we blunder and find that we’ve placed Aunt Jane as the daughter of dear mom, or have children all mixed up when it comes to who was born first, or dad’s somehow the direct descendant of our great grandfather! These are just a few of the slightly funny, yet also innervating aspects of building digital family trees. But now, they can be solved on MyHeritage.com's family tree and we’re going to walk you through the process.

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The Interview Series: Argentinian Genealogist Pablo Briand

(This is a translation. The original Spanish version can be found here.)

"Never give up: there is no research challenge that will continue to resist the patient investigator.”

Pablo is a widely-known genealogist in the Spanish-speaking world, with several websites offering professional-standard tips and advice. We interviewed him to find out how he got into genealogy, and how he ended up where he is now.
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