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Joe Mozingo Finds his Past — LATimes Story

Joe Mozingo jumping Creek where his ancestors once were

Yesterday, there was a wonderful story that explores many folds of genealogy by the LA Times journalist Joe Mozingo. The story traces his genealogical search through dialogue and experience across the country.
Great stuff!

You can find the article at the following link!

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10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Genealogy

The Genealogue is a great genealogical resource site.

Not only does "The Genealogue", Chris Dunham, continuously release quality material, but his tongue and cheek humor makes this site an absolute joy to read! One of the greatest parts of the site is their "Top Ten" lists, including among many others,"10 signs that Tom Cruise is a genealogist," "The 10 best TV shows for Genealogists" or "10 Signs that Your Wife is Cheating on You with a Genealogist."

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Schelly Talalay Dardashti receives NGS Award of Excellence

Schelly Talalay DardashtiWe are really proud of our colleague Schelly. Always and in general because she is very knowledgeable about genealogy and beyond, a very kind person and great to work with.

But this week we are particularly proud because she received the prestigious "Award of Excellence: Genealogical Methods and Sources"  from the National Genealogical Society (NGS), at its recent annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Congratulations, Schelly!

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Family is a Sculpture? : This Art has Lived and Breathed

Hanging Family History

I’m green to genealogy. I started with MyHeritage some eight months ago. I got dosed in 1000 mph genealogy. I flapped my green wings to stay afloat; genealogy is a large, passionate, and integrated community. I mustered my entire wherewithal. It’s been a race. Continue reading "Family is a Sculpture? : This Art has Lived and Breathed" »

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Sharing the Knowledge: Genealogy Discussion Groups Online

The internet has made genealogical research a lot easier, but in some ways more lonely. You don’t have to be teamed up with a local genealogy society, meeting regularly to discuss your findings. You can search for records, but you can’t call on the archivist to give you a hand. For some, the support group might seem to have gone away.

Thankfully, there is a solution at hand, in the form of online genealogy discussion groups. If you need to bounce ideas off others, or simply let people know what you’ve found, these places can be a huge help. We’ve listed a few of the most useful ones here.

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Obama and Buffet Cousins?


Reports from on recent studies of President Barack Obama's family tree suggest that he and the billionaire investor Warren Buffet, an advisor and supporter of the Obama campaign, are distant cousins.

This evidence has been submitted by genealogists, who report the president and titan of industry share a common lineage in Mareen Duvall, a French emigrant, who moved to Maryland as an indentured servant in the 1650s. The research concludes that Mr. Duvall is Obama's ninth great-grandfather and the Buffet's sixth great-grandfather. This would make the 2010 mega stars 7th cousins three times removed.

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MyHeritage.com Announces Its Top 100 Genealogy Sites

As mentioned previously, here at MyHeritage.com we’ve spent the past few weeks searching for some of the best genealogy sites on the Internet. Here is what we came up with.

As mentioned previously, here at MyHeritage.com we’ve spent the past few weeks scanning the web and evaluating content to find some of the best genealogy sites on the internet. Here is what we came up with.

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Mother’s Day Poetry Contest Winner!

First of all, we would like to wish you, once again, a post-dated happy Mother's Day, and to send our wishes that your week and year afford you happiness and well being. MyHeritage.com would also like to thank you for all of the responses to our Mother's Day Poetry Competition. We had a lot of wonderful entries, and as promised, we will be sending out a batch of fresh flowers to the mother of this years winner!

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The Online Time Machine, Part 2

Yesterday we showed some examples of how famous genealogy blogs looked several years ago. Towards the end of the post, we promised to share how you can find these examples yourself. So here's a short explanation.

The way to do this is surprisingly simple. It requires an online tool called the Wayback Machine, which can be accessed via archive.org.

Once you've reached this utility, you simply need to enter the url of the website you want to see the past of.

(Click for fullscreen)

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The Online Time Machine: Seeing How Genealogy Sites Looked in the Olden Days

We all like genealogy. The thrill of tracing your ancestors back over the decades and the centuries provides a sense of satisfaction that other pastimes just can’t match. Knowing where you came from gives you a deeper understanding of why you are who you are now – and where you might be going.

With that in mind, this post will take you back through some of the history of the online genealogy community. A genealogy of genealogy websites, if you will. Using images, we're going to show you what some of your favourite blogs used to look like several years in the past. It's a bit like flicking through your old family photos, except instead of relatives we have websites, and instead of the smooth gloss of photo print paper we have the steely embrace of hyper-text markup language. Still, it might give you an insight into what some of your favourite sites were like in the past, and how they looked before they turned into what they are today.

So buckle up. It's time for Web 1.0

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