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A New Look for Our Message Boards

We posted recently about some genealogy forums online, and now we’ve got some news about our own.

We’ve just finished redesigning our message boards, and improving the way they look. We’ve given them a facelift, if you will, except instead of pinning back some skin and slotting in a silicone chin implant, we’ve simply changed a few colours and rearranged the html layout to make things look a little clearer.

For those who aren't familiar with them, we have two message boards: the support forum, and the genealogy forum.

The support forum is fairly straightforward: it gives you an arena to come along and ask any questions you might have about Family Tree Builder, the website, Smart Matching, or anything else.

Our genealogy message boards are a little more interesting. They give you the chance to pose questions to the community about specific individuals or places, as well as to search for genealogical tips and advice. We have subforums for almost all geographical regions, and dedicated subforums for Genealogy Beginners, Genealogy School Projects, and more. Well worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. HELP HELP HELP ME PLEASE!!!! Someone has recommended Myheritage.com to me s I am trying to build my family tree. The problem seems to be that I live in Egypt although I am ENGLISH! No matter what I do it seems I can only get this site in Arabic and I have no idea what is going on because I don't actually speak Arabic. Please can someone tell me how to get the site in ENGLISH. Thank you so much.
  2. Ik heb mijn programma opgewaardeerd naar Premium maar heb
    nog steeds geen CD ontvangen.
  3. Dear Margaret, MyHeritage.com uses (similar to Google.com for example) a technology to assume the users language by the country he lives in (via the IP address). Hence it suggested Arabic if you are in Egypt.
    What to do: In right-to-left languages at the bottom left of the page you have the small country flag (for Arabic countries it's a green flag). Click it and you will be able to change the language to any of the other 34 languages. Once you have logged in and set your language to English the site will remember it (if you do not block cookies in your browser).

    Dear Peter, the CD with Family Tree Builder is on it's way to you! We just received brand new manufactured CDs last week that were sent out yesterday. Sorry for the delay.

    Best regards
  4. Om familie redenen heb ik gevraagd om de site 62533931/
    Hasselton uit het bestend te halen. Men vindt dat ik hun discretie schaad. Wilt u nu s.v.p. aan mijn verzoek gehoor geven.
  5. john основных на сайте об отдыхе и туризме nash-turizm.ru.

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