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Obama and Buffet Cousins?


Reports from on recent studies of President Barack Obama's family tree suggest that he and the billionaire investor Warren Buffet, an advisor and supporter of the Obama campaign, are distant cousins.

This evidence has been submitted by genealogists, who report the president and titan of industry share a common lineage in Mareen Duvall, a French emigrant, who moved to Maryland as an indentured servant in the 1650s. The research concludes that Mr. Duvall is Obama's ninth great-grandfather and the Buffet's sixth great-grandfather. This would make the 2010 mega stars 7th cousins three times removed.

Like the two stars themselves, the early immigrant Duvall experienced a 'rags to riches' story. Genealogists state that within nine years of his move to the United States, he had severed the shackles of servitude and become a land owner, slave owner, and merchant. Lead researcher on the project, Anastasia Tyler, stated he had become a "country gentleman," and that "you can see the similarities in their [Obama, Buffet] lives."

The link is maternal for Obama: his mother's second great grandmother was a Duvall. Buffet's link is paternal: his father's mother was a Duvall.

Neither Obama nor Buffet has commented on the research, though reports continue to churn that their political similitude is a simple measure of family vision.

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