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Marching on 50 million strong

We’ve reached a true milestone. MyHeritage.com now hosts more than 50 million users. Since our inception in 2005, we’ve strived to offer our users and satisfying family social networking experience by offering tools to help research and organize your family history and collaborate with family. It is through your interaction and feedback that we are able to forge our current suite of products. It is through your dedication and continued use that 2010 has been such a great success. We’ve been able to chart new territories with the recent OSN merger, expanding our network greatly in Eastern Europe, making more family paths available to you. We are available in 36 languages and our team is constantly, through dialogue with you, working to simplify the interface while creating even more powerful features like the recent addition of Timeline and Timebook.

"Our users make MyHeritage what it is - a place to connect families with themselves and with one another." Mario Ruckh, our director of marketing, said. “Welcoming 50 million users on MyHeritage makes us happy and encourages us for the years to come.” We would like to take a moment to thank our users from around the globe. Whether you are using our site for scour through thousands of genealogical databases, flipping through and sharing hundreds of photos and videos, building ancestral charts, rendering statistics, or expanding your family tree, we want to thank you for helping us achieve this milestone!

Just to give you an idea of the size of 50 million:

•If MyHeritage.com were a country, we’d be the 24th largest country in the world, falling in just after Italy and right in front of Myanmar.

•If you were to lay out, head to toe all of our members, they would stretch the circumference of the world more than two times.

•The weight of our user base would be around 7.5 Burj Dubai Towers, the heaviest and tallest building in the world.

Next year , we're taking Italy down!

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