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Don’t Miss a Blog Beat

MyHeritage.com’s new blog has been off and running for a few weeks now. We hope you’ve enjoyed the new interface and extra content that it offers. Robert, myself, and other contributing members of staff have a lot of fun initiatives, interviews, dialogues, and contest planned to be released in the upcoming months. We hope you stay tuned and join in the discussion surrounding our posts.

We’ve now incorporated a few tools that make it easy to receive the blog in your favorite format, whether by RSS feed, through various web based news readers, or through Feedburner which plops articles directly in your email inbox.

Choosing a method of syndication is easy. At the top of the MyHeritage blog you’ll see a link that says, “Subscribe to our feed”. Click there and you can choose how you would like to receive the content. To have emails pushed to your inbox, click on the the link "Get MyHeritage Blog Delivered by Email".

It’s also easier than ever to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, both are embedded in the sidebar of the blog. These social media sources are constantly being updated with new content. We encourage the use of these spaces as an open air forum.


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  1. how can i contact my heritage?
    i have your page as toolbar but in a strange language so i want to remove it but i don't know how to do, so help me?
  2. My family surname is pawlette , my dads cristian name was frank/francis,migrated to australia 1949 his dads name was karl
    dad was born around 1904/6 died in orange in1967/8 or 1970/1
    born Latvia, and thats all I can find out, any one out there who can tell me if Pawlette is a name generated in that region
  3. To anyone out there in cyber space can help me with the above information.
  4. Lirije

    Feel free to contact me with any question at :

    Werner, best of luck with your research!

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