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10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Genealogy

The Genealogue is a great genealogical resource site.

Not only does "The Genealogue", Chris Dunham, continuously release quality material, but his tongue and cheek humor makes this site an absolute joy to read! One of the greatest parts of the site is theirĀ "Top Ten" lists, including among many others,"10 signs that Tom Cruise is a genealogist," "The 10 best TV shows for Genealogists" orĀ "10 Signs that Your Wife is Cheating on You with a Genealogist."

One of our recent favorites is "Top Ten Signs You're Obsessed with Genealogy":

10. You filed your taxes in GEDCOM format.

9. You'd like to go camping this summer, but can't decide on the cemetery.

8. You named your kids in alphabetical order, to make indexing easier.

7. The state archives put you on its softball team.

6. You've thought of converting to Mormonism, just to save a trip to church.

5. You spend more money on census subscriptions than Mississippi does on public education.

4. You sometimes ask your husband to pretend he's the stern census taker and you're the naughty resident of an enumerated household.

Read on at his blog for the Top 3 Signs You're Obsessed with Genealogy"!

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