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The Geneacast

Genealogy; a voice to be heard

Today's market is saturated with information. Pop open your browser, scroll through your RSS feed, push your daily candy to your handheld, wade through a Facebook feed, scan your Tweetdeck, check your MyHeritage Smartmatches; it doesn't take much more than the warm embrace of a fingertip to a rifle through millions of bytes of information.

Newsreels turned into e-publications, user commentary became one among many expressions of the blog, books are now Ebooks, film morphed to Blueray and is now beaming across web streams, and the CD has been revamped into hundreds of different audio formats.

It's hard to keep up with the erupting hardware market, advances often leading to the availability of more media types, at least until the market determines one of these formats to be an ideal form of consumption. To that regard, media giants and tech industry leaders are racing to calculate how, when, and where users will consume their information in the future. Apple, with the introduction of ITunes, played its hand right. ITunes was introduced in 2001 and now holds an 80% market share of digital music. This market outstrips traditional form of the media and has lead to the popularization of a few media types, the MP3 and its derivations, and the Podcast.

Why the Podcast?
The early 2000s saw the rising popularity to the immediate access of information. The need for a common music media, to universally share voice and song, brought about the invention of the MP3. This format popularized because it was compressed form of information, or .wav file, that could be slung across cyberspace much more quickly than many of its counterparts and was consequently less of a burden on network loads. This meant faster download times and faster streams to the end consumer. Podcasts were merely a step away, the goal, to automate and sync the download of the music with digital music players.

Apple released ITunes in conjunction with the IPod in 2001. The software and the minimal little white boxes became cultural superstars and the heart of modern music consumption, making it possible to stuff about 1700 albums in our palm and sparing living room walls across the globe. The Podcast appeared out of the tech sphere in 2003, upon demonstration that the media could be automatically passed to a portable device. Coverage began to ebb, and by late 2004 the NYTimes had reported Podcasts as an easy way to access abounding range information "from technology to veganism." Blast forward 6 years and little white earbuds are informing our collective conscience to the beat of 150,000 ITunes podcasts.

The Podcast + Genealogy = The Geneacast
As the medium has grown, it has become a great tool to promote and diffuse special interests. Genealogist, societies, and enthusiasts have used this medium to update a hungry consumer base with tips, tools, and news specific to the science. ITunes currently hosts 26 genealogy specific podcasts; each program having countless episodes, along with hundreds of other related family related broadcasts.

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A selection of genealogy podcasts on iTunes

The Cream of the Crop

We've sifted through the mire to offer you what we think are the cream of the crop in geneacasts. We evaluated these geneacasts on their great professional and consumer reviews, are issued regular updates by experienced genealogist, and are easily accessible through ITunes search query 'genealogy'. All of the links are connected to download so just click and they'll load automatically to into Itunes, you can download iTunes here . We hope these free podcasts can offer our users, whether novice our pro, insight to their genealogical research and amusing anecdotes of enthusiasts around the globe.

The Genealogy Guys Podcast: by George G. Morgan & Drew Smith
""The Genealogy Guys" are two avid genealogists who host a weekly chat. The podcast includes news of the genealogy community, book and software reviews, guest interviews, and a lot of fun chat."

Genealogy Gems Podcast: by Lisa Louise Cooke

"Genealogy Gems Podcast shows you, the family historian, how to make the most out of your family history research time by providing quick and easy to use research techniques. In addition, you will learn creative ways to share your family tree and the legacy of your ancestors..."

Family History - Genealogy Made Easy & Genealogy Gems Podcast: by Lisa Louise Cooke
"...Learn how to use family tree software, locate genealogy records through online searches, create a family tree chart, and get tips on free genealogy resources. You'll also be inspired by the stories of other researchers who share their family history search - their experience, tips, and rewards."

Irish Roots Cafe and Genealogy and History: by Michael O'Laughlin

"The worlds first weekly podcast on Irish Family heritage, history and genealogy. It is hosted by Michael C. O'Laughlin, the most published author in the field."

Family Tree Magazine Podcast
"The Family Tree Magazine Podcast comes to you monthly from the publishers of America's number one genealogy magazine. Each month, you'll hear from the editor for a sneak peek at what's coming up, news from the blogosphere, top tips from the current issue, the Best of Family Tree Magazine and much more."
The Geneacast

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