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MyHeritage.com Unveils New Blogs

It’s a new week, and a new improvement over at MyHeritage.com. As you’ll no doubt have noticed already, we’ve given our blog a redesign. We constantly try to improve the service, so we created a new layout to make the blog easier to read on the page, and with new features to make it more accessible.

To begin with, we’ve opened blogs in additional languages. We're now posting not only in English but in French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese (links are at the top of the page). There are huge genealogy communities in all of these regions, but they often receive less attention and coverage than those in the English-speaking world. We want to help change that, and reach out to those communities in their local language. And it is some of the people who joined us from Verwandt (OSN) who are now coordinating some of the local versions of those blogs, posting relevant news for the culture and context of the regions they have experience in and helping to translate the main company news.

You’ll also notice a direct link to our Genealogy Blog. This blog is separate from our more general updates, and offers a platform for more advanced genealogists to learn about new and updated resources for family history. It is written and managed by expert genealogist Schelly Talalay Dardashti. For those of you who’ve been researching family history for some time - and even for newcomers looking for more information - the Genealogy Blog is recommended.

We’ve added some new sharing options beneath each entry too, so you can share a post on almost any format you can think of. We’ve also added plug-ins for our Facebook and Twitter feeds in the right-hand column, allowing you to find out what’s happening with MyHeritage on either of those platforms at the click of a button.

And what else? Well beyond the new functions, the new look should hopefully make the blog much easier on the eye. We’ve got Shmulik on our team to thank for the graphics, as well as Wordpress for providing us with such a handy new platform.

Do let us know what you think about the new look! Is it a positive change or is there room for improvement? Drop us a comment in the box below, and you could be the first person - ever - to post on this new format. Since this is the first entry here, we're also giving away a free premium subscription to one commenter at random, so if you've got any feedback it could land you with a prize!

Lastly, do feel free to click on the RSS link and subscribe, but bear in mind that if you were subscribed to the old blog the link may have changed. The new url is blog.myheritage.com/feed, so be sure to update your RSS readers. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the new format!

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  1. great job!

    ..........a bit overdue :)
  2. "Non è mai troppo tardi!!"
  3. I especially like the flowers at the bottom. And if the blog would be a bit more accessible from your website, it would be great.

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