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Tutankhamun’s Family Tree Revealed

Tutankhamun Family TreeLast month scientists made some fascinating DNA and genealogy related discoveries about Egypt's most famous pharaoh Tutankhamon. The pharao notorious for his 'curse', which touched everyone coming near him, now seems to have been plagued himself.

Scientists have discovered that the young king, who died at the age of 19 about 1324 B.C, was the product of an incestuous relationship that may have led him to suffer from a weak health which contributed to his early death. This contrary to the many theories which held that the King could have been murdered by rivals, beaten down by an animal or have died in an accident.
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Doppelganger Week Continues… on your iPhone

The New MyHeritage Celebrity AppIn the past month we paid attention to Doppelganger Week on Facebook, the week that everyone replaced their profile photo with their celebrity look-alike. It was certainly the most entertaining week on the internet, with thousands of people finding their celebrity double and posting pictures on their personal pages. Our marketing manager Mario was even interviewed about it on ABC World News Now as MyHeritage powered a lot of the celebrity finds.

But for all you Doppelganger fans out there, the fun is not over, as you can now use the look-alike-application on your iPhone! We just launched a cool new iPhone application for celebrity look-alikes that you can use on the go - for now it's free. Take a photo of anyone, or the photos you already have on your phone and instantly check which celebrities the persons on the picture resemble. You can post results to Facebook or Twitter, or just show them to others on your phone.
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Free CDs, Prize Draws and Presentations with the Top Tips for Genealogy Research

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Thanks to all of you who came by our stall last weekend. It was great to meet so many genealogists and family tree enthusiasts in person. For those of you who didn't make it, though, we thought we'd say a bit about what we were doing.

As you might have read here, myheritage.com were in Kensington Olympia, London, for the Who do you think you are? Live three-day conference. Some of our staff came from our London office, and some even flew out from our office in Israel.
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Discovering MyHeritage – Finding answers to the questions you’re stuck with

Did you know there are several places on the MyHeritage.com website where you can find answers to your pressing questions? No? Well that's why we've made this post to let you know what you can do if there is something that puzzles you on the site.

Help sectionThe Help Section

First of all you may want to check our help section which you find by clicking on the 'help' link at the bottom of your site. This will take you to our help centre, an overview of different general questions about the site by topic. It includes answers on how to change your password, how to change your settings for receiving newsletters or reminder preferences or how to import a GEDCOM file to you site.

Have a look at the right side of the page to search for the answer to your question by topic or simply type a keyword in the search box to bring up the answers including the key word.
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