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Doppelganger Week Continues… on your iPhone

The New MyHeritage Celebrity AppIn the past month we paid attention to Doppelganger Week on Facebook, the week that everyone replaced their profile photo with their celebrity look-alike. It was certainly the most entertaining week on the internet, with thousands of people finding their celebrity double and posting pictures on their personal pages. Our marketing manager Mario was even interviewed about it on ABC World News Now as MyHeritage powered a lot of the celebrity finds.

But for all you Doppelganger fans out there, the fun is not over, as you can now use the look-alike-application on your iPhone! We just launched a cool new iPhone application for celebrity look-alikes that you can use on the go - for now it's free. Take a photo of anyone, or the photos you already have on your phone and instantly check which celebrities the persons on the picture resemble. You can post results to Facebook or Twitter, or just show them to others on your phone.

MyHeritage.com's Celebrity AppThe application is already wildly popular in France, where it got to the top spot of the French app store. Seems virtual matching is the thing for the French!

For now, the app can be downloaded for free from here or found in the App Store under 'myceleb'. So get it for your iPhone or iPod touch before it becomes a paid-for app!

Finally, we already have thousands of celebrities that we compare you to but we want you to know more celebrities are on the way! We're increasing the collection to 10,000 celebs so everyone will get better matches... keep an eye on our news!

Happy matching to you!

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