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Matriarch of 2000 Strong Family Passes Away

Schwartz family Last year we paid attention to the enormous Israeli Krishevsky family, who reportedly had 1400 descendants, but this week we’ve found out they’ve been beaten to the 'large family' punch by the Schwartz family.

Yitta Schwartz died last month at the age of 93, leaving behind 15 children, more than 200 grandchildren and an estimated 2000 great- and great-great-grandchildren.

Her descendants range in age from her 75-year-old daughter to her great-great-grandson born a few days ago on Feb. 15. The family includes rabbis, teachers, merchants, plumbers and truck drivers.

According to her family, Mrs. Schwartz had no trouble remembering the face and name of all her children.

Yitta’s story is that she was born in 1916 into a family of (only!) seven children in the Hungarian village of Kalev. During World War II, the Nazis sent Mrs. Schwartz, her husband, Joseph, and the six children they had so far, to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, an ordeal that two of their children sadly didn’t survive.

When the war ended, the family went to the Belgian town of Antwerp and then in 1953, the Schwartzes migrated to the United States, where they settled in Monroe in the state of New York.

Family members have told how house wife Schwartz had to make six loaves of the jewish challah bread for every Sabbath, using 12 pounds of dough, to feed all the children.

If there ever was a better candidate for the use of our site, it is this family as, media report, there were so many family occasions Yitta had to keep track of that, to avoid scheduling conflicts, one of her sons was assigned to keep a family calendar!

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