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Families Celebrating Holi

Families celebrate HoliToday families across the world will be celebrating the festival of Holi; the arrival of spring and the festival of colours. In this blogpost, we share a little on what the holiday is all about.

Originally a festival to celebrate good harvests and land fertility, it also remembers events in Hindu mythology. Today, it brings together Indians, Nepalese and others who celebrate with eating, singing, dancing, colourful games and bonfires.

Holi is especially known as a ‘colourful celebration’, named thus as it is people mark the day by colouring themselves and throwing colours at each other. Friends and family cover each other’s faces, hair and clothing with colourful powders; painting even faces and hair. People go out spreading colours throughout the streets.

According to Hindu belief, it was a God that ‘invented’ Holi. Krishna, or, Krishns, the king of the ancient city of Dwarka, popularised the tradition of Holi. by his pranks; he used to throw water and colours on the village girls, a tradition that became a community festival of the masses throughout the ages, as documented in paintings and writings.

The tradition of lighting bonfires on the night before Holi, is the result of yet another legend and is associated with burning the spirit of evils.

Families also celebrate the holiday by visiting relatives and friends and enjoying traditional sweets. They exchange wishes, and gifts and hold Holi parties where they dance to and sing Holi songs. Mothers are known to buy new clothes for their married daughters, a nice mother-daughter ritual.

The great thing about the festival is that it brings together people of different religions, backgrounds, genders, casts and ages; everyone looks the same covered in colors and so it is a truly uniting experience.

We wish families a nice Holi celebration!

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