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Tracing your family all the way to love

Genealogy couple finds loveWe really enjoy reporting to you about users that have found family members though our sites or its smart matches, especially when these reunions span countries or even continents.

But we had nothing to do with this surprise match, even if it was family history inspired and shows how many of you volonteer your time and efforts to help other family tracers.

Diane Davis found out the power of online genealogy networks four years ago when a message of contact she sent out unintentially ended up in the inbox of an Australian family history enthausiast.

In 2004, Mrs Davis, a American citizen who grew up in California, was researching family genealogy online when she mistakenly emailed Jonothan Davis.

Joathan replied to tell Diane her request was sent to the wrong person but also mentioned he was interested in the States and he would like to help her find information about Tasmanian family members if she helped him research his US family.

Then, after 18 months of emailing back and forth, she told Mr Davis she was planning to visit Australia for the first time.

He convinced her to visit the country's Tasmania region and there they fell in love. A year later they were married and now can start the project of joining up their family trees.

So there you go, you might just find love through your family history site.

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