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MyHeritage.com powers Doppelganger Week on Facebook!

Doppelganger Week - My Look alikeBy now you've probably heard about Doppelganger Week, the latest trend on facebook. This week people replace their profile picture to the celebrity they resemble the most. And we are happy to tell you that MyHeritage.com has kind of become the unofficial supplier of Doppelganger Week:
Yesterday alone more than 750,000 photos have been uploaded to MyHeritage.com as part of the Doppelganger Week craze!

doppelgänger weekThe number of photos being uploaded is growing every minute and it's great to be in the eye of the storm of one of the biggest storms on the Internet right now. The whole thing was started by Bob Patel, who was teased by colleagues about him looking like Tom Selleck. So find your Doppelganger now and check over to facebook to replace your photo. Or you can find your look-alike directly on facebook. This is the message to post as your facebook status:

MyHeritage ... is taking part in Doppelgangerweek! During this week change your profile picture to someone famous (actor, musician, athlete) you have been told you look like...and repost this message.

If you have not yet replaced your facebook picture with a look-alike yet, get your look-alike now and join the game. We are happy to provide you with the technology to make this latest social networking fun possible.

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  1. I really liked the celebrity look a like gadget, but now I have to download a toolbar to use it?? No way. I'm not going to use this website until this problem is fixed.
  2. You TOTALLY do look like Mischa Barton! I've been told I look like two different celrieitbes. They are Christina Ricci and Kelly Clarkson. In Jr. High and High school I did look like Christina. But I never did see the Kelly Clarkson resemblance. I still always say my celebrity doppelganger is Christina even though I know I don't look like her anymore. She got super skinny and I.... did not.

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