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The Worldwide MyHeritage Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Throughout the last couple blog posts we've offered some insight into our year and the holiday season. With the advent of holidays and the coming of 2010, we thought we'd take a slightly different approach and share a bit about us, the MyHeritage team.

Our team works together from around the globe in Europe, the United States, Israel, and Australia. We communicate through the graces of technology, dialoguing across continents. Though this prevents us from sharing a daily cup of coffee, it gives us a birds-eye view to our customers, helping us to more directly communicate and respond to your needs. As the borders that once bound us dissolve with globalization, so to proliferates the global citizen.

MyHeritage embraces the growth of the global community, as well as the unique identity of cultures. We would like to share with you our holiday experiences, a demonstration in the ubiquity of ritual of this transcendent holiday season.

Here is how some of us are spending the holidays.

Mario is our team leader. He works out of London and Tel Aviv. His holiday is spent in his home country, Germany, with his family. First, Mario joins his father for Christmas celebrations at a hostel for the homeless that his father runs. Afterward, they will join his sister and mother for a holiday supper. This year they will gather around holiday roast venison. Instead of exchanging gifts, they donate to benefits and causes. The holiday is observed in quiet thanks, time is spent at home and completed with strolls through snowy streets and the Christmas market.

Robert is our Community Manager for the UK. He will spend his holidays there with his family. This year, it is quite an unusual holiday season in the UK, as it is covered in heavy snow. As a matter of course, in such meteorological circumstances, the entire country has ceased to function. All the better to allow him to spend more time at home celebrating with loved ones. Britain's tradition is very much like that of other western celebrations, but holds a unique tradition of observing the Queen's Christmas speech. She appears yearly on the BBC, to don her wisdom and reflections on the nation. It is considered irreverent to miss this yearly event.

Sebastien is our Community Manager for the United States. There he will spend his holidays, with family and extended family, in Ohio. Celebrations are focused around the kitchen. The family cooks, bakes nut cookies and spins the Charlie Brown Christmas album. Meals start Christmas eve and continue through the weekend. On Christmas Eve, the family gathers to visit the conservatory, to see they yearly display of poinsettias and cacti and a trip through the seasonal manger, complete with lamb, heifer, and nativity scene. Small gifts are exchanged and carols are sung.

Linde is our Community Manager for Australia. Instead of snow, she will spend her holidays on sun swept beaches and next to swimming pools, as Christmas falls in the Australian summer. After a morning at the beach, the family convenes to exchange gifts over the murmur of Christmas carols. An English style lunch follows: stuffed turkey, pork, roast potatoes, vegetables, with a dessert of pudding and fruitcake to wash down the feast. Family and friends drop by throughout the day, bringing their tidings, stories and reflections.

These are a few of our traditions. We would love if you would post some of yours. Tell us what your favorite part of the holidays, or your reflections on 2009, and your plans for the new decade.

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