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The MyHeritage.com 2009 Highlights

Our 2009Even if it isn't 2010 yet, in the last month of the year a lot of you will be looking back at the past 12 months. We have done the same and so we'd like to share with you the highlights of our year:

- We've kept innovating and stepping up the game to help you better research your family history. It resulted in a new version of the Family Tree Builder , launched in August this year. The 4.0 version is still free, for all main features, and still as popular as ever. As well, it offers many new features such as the exciting family chat or its maps to visualize your family's life journeys. It was accompanied by our improved user guide making it easier for you to use the program.

- Many people spent the past year of economic hardship, re-evaluating what's really important in their life. One result of this soul searching was an increased desire to stay close to and reconnect with family. This was good news for us, as much of this was done online. Thus we saw our member numbers grow by 26% this year, and the number of photos on the site by grow by 148%.
We now have over 9 million family trees on the site!

- Always on the look-out for ways to enable you to make more of your site and the information on it, we launched a family stats page , which gives you a whole new view of your family. It is an overview of important figures such as places, ages, births, marriages, children, and divorces, allowing you to discover interesting facts and anecdotes about your family that are already hidden in your tree.

We made lots of small yet significant changes to the site. For instance, we introduced the option to share videos, documents and other material to your family site. We created easier ways to invite family to the site, and developed faster and easier tagging with the possibility to upload pictures via your mobile.

Finally, we've done our best again this year to share family memories and stories online, bringing you closer to the rich and dedicated users of MyHeritage.com, by publishing a few on our blog.

We hope you had an equally successful year and would be happy to hear your stories about 2009, so leave some comments!
The MyHeritage.com team wishes you wonderful family holidays and a great 2010!

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  1. Congrats on the great progress of the site! I have tried to give a lot of feedback to give you an idea of what I am looking for in the website and FTB software and am excited to see the development in 2010.

    I was though wondering if I'm the only one looking for a great holiday offer celebrating all the new users and features so that we can take the jump and become paying users! :-)

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