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MyHeritage.com Interview Series: Teacher and Blogger Trevor Cairney

Politicians, stay-at-home dads, academics and businesswomen - they all know the value of family and the joys of keeping in touch. But what is on their family photos? How often do they call their mother, and what celebrity do they secretly admire? Get ready to find out through the MyHeritage interview series!

The Cairney Family
Trevor Cairney and Family

Father and grandfather, Master of Australia's New College, former teacher, academic and educational blogger Trevor Cairney helps others learn about children and education. To that end he embraced new technology and started a blog in 2008 on which he shares his research and writing on education with parents, teachers and trainee teachers. There he discusses topics such as literacy, education and communication. Keen to learn himself, Trevor enjoys the interaction of a blog and so he was happy to interact with MyHeritage.com on this occasion.

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The MyHeritage Poll: Has the Current Economic Climate Had a Positive Effect on Your Family?

The MyHeritage PollIn these unsure economic times we know families across the globe are feeling the pinch. With wallets being tightened and less money being spent it seems all of us are affected in some way, shape or form.

But we're wondering how exactly is the current economic climate affecting our readers? After all, we're interested in the factors that bring families together and conversely what keeps them apart. While most families will associate the current climate with difficulties, perhaps because of job stress, loss of income and a lower standard of living, there are also reports of families who feel this period has led to positive developments. Perhaps the current financial difficulties are bringing families together more often than before, perhaps families are returning to a more modest, yet more enjoyable life style or perhaps the hardship has brought some families closer together.

That's why we're asking you, has the financial climate had a positive effect on your family? Vote below and let us know! And feel free to comment on how exactly it has brought you closer together.

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