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MyHeritage.com Support – Revamped

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Guiding the team to customer service excellence

We wanted to tell you about some important improvements we've made behind the scenes to further improve customer support. We grew our support team, got everybody involved and set up a new "trouble ticket" system to help us keep better track of support requests and make sure that none of your inquiries remain unresolved.

You might have never thought of contacting our support team, especially if everything runs smoothly on your family site. Well, that's the way it should be, but in case you have any question, problem or general feedback, you'll be happy to know that we're there for you. Most common questions have detailed answers with helpful step-by-step images in the Help Center that we started about a year ago. Having a look around there might get you an answer really quickly, if what you want to know is a "frequently asked question" (or FAQ).

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Ran and his team at work

If your question or problem is unique, or you have some individual feedback, you can always get in touch with our support team directly. This is where the new system comes into play and helps us organize and track all communications that reach us every day, until they are resolved.

In order to immerse the entire company with the new support system, we've just completed our first customer support day (actually, it was two days long ;-) . In this special event we brought together all employees of the company into our spacious "villa" workplace, where all of us did nothing except answer support emails. It was to remind everybody that the needs of you - our users - should always be at the center of our efforts. We feel we're better in touch with your needs now and you can be sure that everybody at MyHeritage.com is aware of the importance of high quality customer support.

And finally, a warm welcome to the excellent new folks who've joined our support team: welcome Arbel and Leonardo to the MyHeritage.com family!

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Working together to assist our users

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  1. I had a question why are my pictures posted on google images isint this website suppose to be private? if u guys can get back at me as soon as possible to see if u can cancel the heritage account i have, because i do not like my pictures beuing out their in google.

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