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Introducing Family Stats: Your Family’s Facts and Anecdotes, All in One Place

See a Sample of Ages Zone
Life Expectancy in Ages Zone

Have you ever wondered who is your oldest living relative, or what is the most common birth month of your family? How about who married the youngest, who had the most children, and whose marriage didn't make it?

Now you can access all this information easily with Family Statistics, MyHeritage.com's new analytics feature. This new feature puts at your fingertips 45 original metrics to breathe new life into your family tree and help point out errors in its data. The Family Statistics feature is 100% free and is easily accessible from both your home page and the reports page of your family site, providing visually appealing trends both numerically and in colorful charts and graphs. Best of all, the more your tree grows the more interesting and impressive the stats become.

So what can you do with the new stats?

Family StatisticsClick on the Family Stats button (see image on left) on the home page of your family site to access the stats overview page. Here you will get a taste of the valuable information of the stats feature.

Find out about the family's gender divide, the living versus deceased in your tree, even chart the relationship status of your entire family tree. Your overview stats page also acts as a portal to six additional zones: places, ages, births, marriages, children, and divorces. Click on the links and explore more stats.

Places Zone
Places Zone (Click to Enlarge)

More Stats For You

The Places Zone puts your family on the globe with dynamic maps plotting the points where your relatives currently reside. This feature also plots where family members were born and passed away.

In the Ages Zone you can find your family's life expectancy, the oldest and youngest living relatives and the age distribution throughout the tree. It's a great way for your grandparents to keep up to date on the age of the newest editions to the family.

Zodiac Distribution
Family Zodiac Signs in Birth Zone

Simply hover your mouse over the child's name and out pops their profile in a bubble, complete with picture and birthday information.

The Births Zone deduces the zodiac signs of all members. You'll also find information on the decades and the centuries of the family members births, neatly organizing information that could otherwise take days to collect.

The Marriages and Divorces Zones array a variety of statistical information about these momentous events. For instance you can find out who has married the most or the oldest, the age difference between partners, and the duration of marriages.

Similarly within the Divorce Zone you will see who in the tree has been divorced most and the average duration of marriages.

The Children Zone offers you dynamic distributions of the number of children per family in the tree. Family Stats illuminates both the families and people with the most children, the greatest and smallest age divide between children in the same family, plus even more intriguing information.

Drill Down Deeper

See a Sample of the Marriages Zone
Marriages Zone (Click to Enlarge)

Family Statistics is a whiz kid with large family trees, digesting them into easily usable figures. For many statistics of interest, you can drill down to see the 'Top 10' of a specific category, so if you want to see the families with the most children, or those who have had children at an old age, they are all one click away.

Power of the Tree

Family Statistics is a powerful and fun tool answering a lot of age-old family questions with a simple click of the mouse. Get more insight by growing your tree and adding more information. The more data you have the more interesting your data will become. One final benefit of Family Stats is their ability to find errors. If when checking over your stats some results seem unusual, like two brother being born 200 years apart, it could be a good indication of small mistakes in your data entry, so now you can fix these formerly unknown problems in a breeze!

So put your family to the test, and we'll lend a helping calculator.

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Drill Down on the Top Ten Most Children

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