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The Best Smart Matches First: Discovering Relatives Easier

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The new Quality column for your Smart Matches

You've probably used our Smart Matches - they automatically compare your tree to our database of more than 400 million other names. Smart Matches are constantly reuniting families, bringing distant relatives together, connect family historians with similar research interest and reveal to you stories and facts from other members' research. Now we are introducing Smart Match Quality and sort your matches by how exact they are.

Each match is annotated with a nice symbol of one to five stars and a quality score. Similar to what you might know from Family Tree Builder, we have added a 'Quality' column on your Family Site under 'family tree' > 'Smart Matches' (like in the picture on the right) and your results will be sorted so the best matches appear on top.

There is even more to the improvements: If you move your mouse over the stars, you will see

one of our speech bubbles popping up, giving you details about the quality of the match. For all the facts like name, gender, dates, direct relatives like siblings or children, it will show if and how well your data corresponds to the one of the other person.

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Details about the Quality of the Smart Match

Many of those improvements were based on feedback from you, so we hope you like those. Leave us a comment with your opinion. We are working on a whole lot of additional improvements for our Smart Matches, so subscribe to our blog and stay up to date.

We have also redesigned the Smart Matching Notification emails that you receive when we find new matches in your tree. These are better formatted, and give more useful information about the match, plus direct access to the online page where you can review matches.

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