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User Story: World War II Child Discovers Secret Ancestry

Juergen Ulloth born in Kassel in Germany in 1946, has pieced together his past over a period of fifty odd years, finding out about the family secrets hidden from him. Now, at the age of 62, he knows all about the family's ancestry and has reconnected with his American family. Read below the truly incredible story of Juergen, a user of MyHeritage.com.

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Juergen Ulloth and parents

The first indication I had that I was not a child like the others was in the beginning of 1954 when, as part of a school project, my teachers asked me to map out my family tree. Consequently, I asked my maternal grandma about the family and she told me everything she remembered. I found out that her family came from the Cologne region of Germany over 100 years ago. But when asking my paternal grandparents about the Ulloth family history, their explanations about my father, grandfather and so on were confusing to me. That should probably have been an indication that something was not right in the family, but I only found out years later what it was they were hiding from me.

The story is that of my German mother and her impossible love for an American soldier in the Second World War, a history which
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The Best Smart Matches First: Discovering Relatives Easier

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The new Quality column for your Smart Matches

You've probably used our Smart Matches - they automatically compare your tree to our database of more than 400 million other names. Smart Matches are constantly reuniting families, bringing distant relatives together, connect family historians with similar research interest and reveal to you stories and facts from other members' research. Now we are introducing Smart Match Quality and sort your matches by how exact they are.

Each match is annotated with a nice symbol of one to five stars and a quality score. Similar to what you might know from Family Tree Builder, we have added a 'Quality' column on your Family Site under 'family tree' > 'Smart Matches' (like in the picture on the right) and your results will be sorted so the best matches appear on top.

There is even more to the improvements: If you move your mouse over the stars, you will see
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It’s In Our Genes

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MyHeritage in "Essentials Of The Living World"

There are many layers that make up the interesting world of genealogy. You can analyze your ancestry thoroughly by looking at the many levels that make up a person. The deepest level of all is biology, which uses its magnifying glasses to study the chemical code that is responsible for our biological heritage: the genes. They are the written instructions that dictate our internal and external features.

So we were happy when George Johnson, the author of a biology textbook called "Essentials of the living world" (Published by McGraw Hill) decided to use a picture of our Look-alike Meter widget, based on our face recognition technology, to give a visual example of the consequences of the action of the genes.

Based on the results given by the Look-alike Meter for
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Discovering MyHeritage – Birthday reminders, that little big service

MyHeritage.com calendar alertsWhat event better reminds you of a person than his or her birthday or marriage anniversary? That very important little piece of information you get with the MyHeritage.com calendar email alerts, which every member of a family site receives in their email inbox.

These notifications are not only reminders of upcoming family events but also allow members to post greetings on the events page or - if you are in the US - buy gifts through our flower partner FTD (MyHeritage users get a special discount there!). Users will be notified of any replies to the greetings, to help him or her and the other members keep track of the activity around the event.

And here comes a true story from MY family: An uncle of mine, who is a member of our family's MyHeritage.com site, started to
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