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It’s In Our Genes

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MyHeritage in "Essentials Of The Living World"

There are many layers that make up the interesting world of genealogy. You can analyze your ancestry thoroughly by looking at the many levels that make up a person. The deepest level of all is biology, which uses its magnifying glasses to study the chemical code that is responsible for our biological heritage: the genes. They are the written instructions that dictate our internal and external features.

So we were happy when George Johnson, the author of a biology textbook called "Essentials of the living world" (Published by McGraw Hill) decided to use a picture of our Look-alike Meter widget, based on our face recognition technology, to give a visual example of the consequences of the action of the genes.

Based on the results given by the Look-alike Meter for

Tom Cruise's family he challenges the readers: Why do you think it is possible for Suri (Cruise) to look more like her father than her mother? Didn't she get half the genes from each parent? Any doctors in the room to take on that question?

The full info box about the Look-alike Meter in "Essentials Of The Living World":

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