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Discovering MyHeritage – Birthday reminders, that little big service

MyHeritage.com calendar alertsWhat event better reminds you of a person than his or her birthday or marriage anniversary? That very important little piece of information you get with the MyHeritage.com calendar email alerts, which every member of a family site receives in their email inbox.

These notifications are not only reminders of upcoming family events but also allow members to post greetings on the events page or - if you are in the US - buy gifts through our flower partner FTD (MyHeritage users get a special discount there!). Users will be notified of any replies to the greetings, to help him or her and the other members keep track of the activity around the event.

And here comes a true story from MY family: An uncle of mine, who is a member of our family's MyHeritage.com site, started to

contact other relatives through the birthday reminder emails and got many others in the family to do so. He's not really used to technology, but he proves that even if not all the members visit the site regularly, the email alerts will keep the family events on the radar, allowing everyone to interact and keeping the family together.

My uncle found MyHeritage.com alerts a convenient way to greet relatives whom he wouldn's contact otherwise. He started greeting distant cousins or nephews and they replied, starting a nice interaction that other members of the family joined in.
MyHeritage.com Family trees BirthdayToday, many of my relatives use MyHeritage.com as a default communication platform when it comes to birthdays or anniversaries. Greetings and conversations now happen in the family between adults old enough not to be familiar with the Internet and computer savvy teenagers, a connection of people you won't see happening in any other social media website.

Birthday reminders are also one of the features in our new Family Tool Bar, where you get notifications without even leaving the Web page you are on.

Now more people in my family know where to find each other when it comes to say Happy Birthday, a small gesture that shows how much we care.

This may be happening in your family already, but if not, add your relatives birth dates, invite them to your family tree and let the magic of interaction happen!

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