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New: Photo Album Ordering!

Photo ordering feature We've been working hard on improving the way in which you use your photos so you can make more of them. We already told you about our new photo rotation.

But there are two more things that several of you have asked us for and that will help you organize your photos:

* Order your photos with drag and drop. You can now order the photos within an album simply by using drag and drop. Select your photo by clicking on its border or ticking its check box and move them around in your album. By the way: The order of the photos in albums will also affect the slideshows (if you have selected that album on the top left of the slideshow fullscreen).

* Mark several photos quickly. You can now mark several photos at the same time and then use the selection for all drag & drop actions like re-ordering, moving to another folder and so on. Simply draw a rectangle with the mouse on your albums page and all photos within it will become selected.

We hope you'll enjoy this feature!

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  1. This is a nice feature even if you only use it to decide which picture is the default icon for each album. But combined with the "Notes" feature which allows some comments to be added to a picture it really does allow you to weave a nice story for the viewer as the pictures are viewed one by one.

    What we need now is to offer the user to move to the previous/next picture in the album. When this is in place some great family stories can be told using pictures to keep the user's attention.

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