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Do you remember Goodbyes?

Click to view photo in full sizeI remember when I was a child and would go abroad to visit my family either in Taiwan or in France for the summer holidays, separation and goodbyes were always a difficult time. Back in those days, relations with your cousins and more 'distant' relatives were ephemeral and it was difficult to stay in touch throughout the year. No Skype, no chat, no emails...Just the reassuring idea that you would go back to visit them the following summer. As the years went by it became more and more difficult to stay in touch and keep track of what my relatives were up to 10,000 miles away from me, but thankfully technology and social media has allowed me and my cousins to reconnect. Now we share pictures online and tell each other about our lives through the Internet! In fact, looking back, I really wish I had been lucky enough to have access to all this when I was younger and I believe that it is important for children to be able to stay connected and in contact with their relatives - wherever they are - and that all throughout the year.

In a way, MyHeritage.com is the first place where young children can be linked to their family members directly. Here, generations can mix, bond and learn from each other. MyHeritage.com tries to constantly rethink products that will allow you to share more of yourself with your loved ones so you never lose touch. Think of the Family Chat for example, which allows you to interact with other family members, or the site's photo features -of which we continue to launch new ones, which allow you to share your summer pictures with the family. We aim to strengthen family ties and make your contacts more frequent so that you never have to go through researching them in archives later on!

Summer is definitely over, September is here, children head back to school and we all head back to our separate lives but we know we can take advantage of MyHeritage.com to keep in touch and stay connected to each other all year long. Say byebye to painful Goodbyes!

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