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90 degrees of rotation

Click to view photo in full size If you've ever gathered you family for a slideshow of your pictures you know how enjoyable it can be to share these images and the memories that go with them. But you probably also know how disturbing it is if pictures are upside down and how quickly family members lose their patience with you having to rotate every single one of them. That's no longer, as we've introduced a photo rotation feature for your site!

When uploading your photo's, the site will auto-rotate your pictures so they display correctly and will also offer the option for you to rotate the picture manually if the rotation is incorrect.

If you already have photo's on your site, the rotation works on those as well. Simply use the manual rotation function and voila- your pictures are ready to enjoy the way they were intended.

The only thing you'll also have to do without is these pictures:

With thanks to go family

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    the manual rotation function ?????????????????????
  2. bloody voila!! r u for real?? wheres the manual rotation?

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