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Daniel Horowitz – Genealogy and Translation Manager of MyHeritage.com – August genealogy USA tour. Part II of II

Read part 1 here.

Laurence Harris, Schelly Talalay Dardashti and Daniel Horowitz
Photo by Nancy Adelson

In addition to my work at the IAJGS Philadelphia conference and keeping up with MyHeritage.com responsibilities, I was also happy to meet our newest MyHeritage team member Laurence Harris, the Genealogy Advisor UK.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti (who writes the MyHeritage Genealogy Blog) also attended the conference and both of us enjoyed talking with Laurence over the six-day event.

Laurence was very helpful during my workshop and we three got together to exchange ideas, talk about the genealogy field and even managed a quick lunch out of the hotel in spite of the hectic conference schedule. Laurence will be working from London, where he lives with his family.

As part of my theoretical family vacation - there is no such thing for a workaholic genealogist addicted to the computer - we went to Pennsylvania State University to visit my brother-in-law, who's studying for his master's degree. The Blair County Genealogical Society, in Hollidaysburg, PA kindly re-scheduled their usual meeting day to fit in with my travel plans.
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User Story: More than 200 Family Members On Our Site

Jack Gilchrist is a MyHeritage.com member from Michigan. He has brought all those in his family who are family historians, genealogy hobbyists or just interested in the family, together on his MyHeritage website. The result is an impressive tree of over 2000 people, 200 members and hundreds of photos. Even more so considering he only really started building it in 2009. Read about it here:

Click to view photo in full size
The Gilchrist 2006 Reunion

I started with MyHeritage in February 2009. It was my first venture into genealogy or any major effort to document my family tree, its history and old family stories and mug shots.

I got into genealogy because my kids asked me a few years ago to jot down some of the stories I liked to tell about growing up in the "Good Old Days". So I wrote down over 40 pages of what it was like growing up in a neat family in the 40's and 50's. I then gave each of my four children a copy as part of their Christmas gift that year. It captured a lot of the old family stories I could remember from being born in 1941 to around 1965, when I finished college and started my first full time job.

The exercise got me thinking about my family history in general and the other stories that others likely had that I had never even heard. Then I lost my oldest living uncle in 2008 and it dawned on me that if I didn't get going my elder relative's stories would soon be lost for good.
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Head of Family of 1400 Descendants Passes Away

Krishevsky Family If there's one candidate for our MyHeritage.com premium subscription, it's undoubtedly the Israeli Krishevsky family, which, it was reported this week, consists of 1400 members.

The news reached us because the head of the family, Israeli great-grandmother, Rachel Krishevsky, sadly, passed away at the age of 99 this week. She leaves behind an estimated 1,400 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.

Rachel had eleven children and her children subsequently had similar numbers of children each, which led to the family reaching an impressive 1400 descendants. The number is unconfirmed officially, as no-one in the family is entirely sure how much members they are! We can't help but wonder whether she would send them all birthday cards...
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Do you remember Goodbyes?

Click to view photo in full sizeI remember when I was a child and would go abroad to visit my family either in Taiwan or in France for the summer holidays, separation and goodbyes were always a difficult time. Back in those days, relations with your cousins and more 'distant' relatives were ephemeral and it was difficult to stay in touch throughout the year. No Skype, no chat, no emails...Just the reassuring idea that you would go back to visit them the following summer. As the years went by it became more and more difficult to stay in touch and keep track of what my relatives were up to 10,000 miles away from me, but thankfully technology and social media has allowed me and my cousins to reconnect. Now we share pictures online and tell each other about our lives through the Internet! In fact, looking back, I really wish I had been lucky enough to have access to all this when I was younger and I believe that it is important for children to be able to stay connected and in contact with their relatives - wherever they are - and that all throughout the year.
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It’s Now Official: MyHeritage.com Has The World’s Best Investors

Click to view photo in full sizeIt makes us proud: Red Herring has selected the investors of MyHeritage.com -- Accel Partners and Index Ventures -- as the #1 and #3 best investment firms worldwide! The Red Herring Top 100 Global Venture Capitalists ranking is renowned in the industry, so coming first and third there speaks volumes about the professionalism, expertise and track record of our investors.

Sincere congratulations to Accel Partners and Index Ventures from the whole team at MyHeritage.com. A special thank you to Simon Levene from Accel and Saul Klein from Index who are working closely with us since 2006 and 2008 respectively.

If you...
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User Story: Sad discoveries and happy reunions

Joan [Robertson] Symons is of Scottish-English descent and lives in Kingscliff in Australia. She is 82 and with her age come a lot of stories. Find some of them below.

Joan's familyMy interest in genealogy began when my children asked me about the first World War medals that they had worn to school for the ANZAC ( Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) services. My maternal grandmother had given them to me and I knew of the tragedy behind them that was never spoken of because it was so painful to my grandparents.

My grandparents had come to Shepparton, Australia in 1912, from Wiltshire, England with their three daughters. Their daughter Gladys married an Englishman who had come to Australia as a young boy because work was scarce in the agricultural area. He became a soldier, and when he returned from service they were given soldier settlement land near Shepparton, in Victoria and wanted to start a family. Sadly both my auntie and her baby died during childbirth. After this tragedy, my uncle was unable to settle in Victoria and returned to England where he was born.
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MyHeritage celebrates the wedding of David and Sarah

Marriages are happy occasions. Time to gather the family and unite around the love of two people for another.

We at MyHeritage.com like to think of ourselves as one big family and so when our members decide to get married, well, everyone is invited.

David Melamed is one of our web developers and he and his (now) wife Sarah got married a little while ago in a nice place in Herzeliah, close to Tel Aviv. It was a wonderful day and all of us were happy to be there to share the moment with them.

But the celebrations wouldn't have been complete without some dancing in the honor of the bride and groom and we're happy someone captured these moments for you on picture:

The wedding couple with some MyHeritage.com colleagues
Sagi, Mario, David and Sarah, Dori, Ayelet and Ran (left to right)
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Daniel Horowitz – Genealogy and Translation Manager of MyHeritage.com – August genealogy USA tour. Part I of II

Daniel Horowitz at Bernards Family History Interest GroupAfter a month and a bit more on the road, I'm now back home. It's time to take a break before my interview on Sep. 15 with Susan E. King and tell you all about my genealogy tour in the US during the month of August.

My first stop was in New Jersey where I spoke to the Genealogical Society of Bergen County in Ridgewood. More than 50 people heard about the latest MyHeritage.com tools to help genealogists with their research and families to better stay in touch.

The public library where the society meets has a large genealogy section with old phone books, genealogy magazines (old and new), a nice collection of books with family information, and many computers, printers and copy machines. The library is about to redesign the space to give researchers more space and to access additional materials.
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New York’s Dutch Roots

Click to view photo in full sizeWhen thinking about New York and its history, many of you may think of the Empire state building, the city's yellow cabs, 9/11 or the many communities that make up New York: the Italians, the Irish or the Eastern European Jewish communities.

Interestingly, however, while the Dutch have had a sizeable influence in shaping the city, sending a sizeable community the 'New World's' way.

In fact they can be considered the founders of the city of New York because 400 years ago this month, a man named Henry Hudson sailed on a Dutch ship called the Half Moon (a replica of which you see on the photo here) into what later became New York Harbor. He sailed by what is now Manhattan on his way to finding a western route to India. It was the prelude to the establishment of a Dutch trading settlement called New Amsterdam. Today's New York.

The Dutch are celebrating the anniversary of this historical event this year
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Asians Like to Share When Eating Out

A few weeks ago, inspired by our outing to The Breakfast Club, we decided to have another staff lunch, only this time, we went for an Indian. Based on some strong recommendations from some well informed friends, we decided to check out Tayyabs, an Indian restaurant a short walk from our office here in London. It was especially recommended for it's authentic Indian Cuisine, and considered a favourite by all my Indian friends.

Staff lunchUpon arriving at the restaurant, even though it was only 12:30pm, and we'd passed many empty Indian restaurants along the way, this place was already packed. In true Indian style, we were squeezed into a corner, behind a table of what must have been a party of 20 or 30, presumably there to celebrate a wedding, since everyone seemed to be dressed in fine clothes, and clearly it was an extended family of some sort, with grandparents, and younger children too ;)
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