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The Breakfast Social Club

The breakfast club

I'm French and in France people like to go for lunch for hours! Eating is more of a social gathering rather than the mere need to feed your body. Thus, moving to the UK and seeing that most people in the office come in with their sandwiches and munch them alone in front of their screens was somewhat of a depressing discovery. After a few discussions with the My Heritage team we agreed that it would indeed be nice to take a break at lunchtime and open up to one another. It was decided we'd attend a restaurant called The Breakfast Club which happens to be inspired by the late 80's teen movie of the same name. As soon as we sat down, the place made us share childhood memories, tastes in film and music and I guess, we started to get to know each other better...

What really came out of this lunch, was not only our different personalities, but the diversity of our cultural backgrounds. That day we mixed all cultures together over a plate of 'Refried beans cheese nachos'!

the Breakfast clubI guess what comes to mind is that MyHeritage and the concept of families, teams, community, all this is subtly intertwined and can be found in each of us, despite the cultural differences. And sometimes, the cultural differences make the sharing all the better. Now my call out to you really is that I hope MyHeritage and the quest for your ancestors will also have lead you to encountering new cultures. Tell us about your discoveries, share pictures and thoughts with us because as you can see, we sure have an appetite for sharing!

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  1. Oh my goodness! John Hughes, the film director of The Breakfast Club passed away yesterday... :(

    A big chunk of the 80's pop culture has gone with him. Buhu.

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