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A Learning Journey Through Your Own History

Discovering the world through MyHeritageWe've recently been in touch with several teachers who told us how they use MyHeritage as a tool for learning activities, all related to discovering your own family and the related issues that make up for its identity.

For some people, the idea of building a family tree is an activity that requires lots of patience and energy, as searching for names and dates can be a long process. While this may be true, the positive side of it is learning and enlightening experience when finding out about your ancestors as these names and dates illustrate the lives of men and women in one's family, that are subject to a particular socio-economic context which shaped their lives. And it is when raw data meet the facts of life when the journey to the family history becomes a true educational experience.

We'd like to invite you to put MyHeritage to work as an educational tool. Whether you're a mom, dad or teacher, let us know your ideas and experiences. We would like to support you with material that would help you get kids excited about learning from the family past in a fun and engaging way. You can start by downloading our free Family Tree builder software or setting up a Family Site online.

There is so much to discover in the life of an individual, that we at MyHeritage believe that tracing the roots of our own family is an engaging way to learn about the world, and even have fun doing it.

When searching for an ancestor, one will also find out about the social, geographical and political environment in which the person researched lived. Therefore, the genealogical research process is also a learning process. So think about applying this approach to schools; subjects like history, geography and social studies can be taught with a challenging and compelling purpose: the discovery of the family past and what made us who we are today.

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We are happy that MyHeritage seems to be an educational tool for some teachers and children, who likewise can go through this investigative journey into the family past with the help of their relatives at home.

Elyse Doerflinger, a 19 year-old student genealogist, personifies this point of view. She became interested in genealogy in the seventh grade when her history teacher gave her an assignment that required interviewing a World War II veteran, which her paternal grandfather happened to be.

Children today not only master the language of digital tools but they are excited by it. They often have more fun using digital tools than reading in a book and technology becomes their learning and playing field. MyHeritage is an environment which provides kids with a healthy context to learn, where family is present and there to help, in comparison with other social networks on the Internet, where people interact most of the times with strangers in casual relationships.

At MyHeritage you can share the family's past and present with your loves ones. It's like a book that is continuously developing. By allowing members to record the family past and present on their Family Sites, MyHeritage becomes the pages of a written legacy that can be passed on to future generations. As Mr. Barack Obama reportedly said when presented with genealogical data of his family, "It's something our family will treasure for years to come."

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