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User Story: Mango Stories and Reunions Unite the Medel Family

Tintin Medel is from the Philippines and has a real passion for sharing pictures and stories with her family. In 2008 she discovered MyHeritage as the site to do so and the result is a sizeable tree, a family site that she shares with many family members and plans for a family reunion. This is what she told us:

MyHeritage User Story I've been interested in my family's history for as long as I can remember. My father often tells stories about his childhood days and I have always enjoyed that.

I traced my ancestors back to my great-grandparents through talks with my father's cousins. There are close to 200 names in our tree but is not yet complete. Our tree really grew in January 2009 when I met my father's cousins and their children who live in California. We met at a family wedding of my second cousin and after that they became members and contacted relatives to communicate with me to update the tree.

We use the site in English, mostly and Filipino sometimes since it is the mother tongue for most of us. I really enjoy meeting new relatives even if it is by email and/or text message. My close relatives think creating a MyHeritage website was a great idea. And everyone is excited to share their pictures on it. Most of their pictures are taken during birthday parties when relatives gather, such as the ones published here,

which is of a surprise party for my father. Other pictures are just family everyday photos and vacation pictures.

One of my favourite pictures is of my great grandparents. I was at the house of my father's aunt one day and found out that she had a copy of the family portrait of my great-grandparents with my grandparents when they were still kids. I found out my great-grandfather was a pure Filipino and my great-grandmother was of Indian decent, however I am still trying to find out more about them, where they met for example. We photographed the portrait, printed and framed it so we both have a copy.

Click to view photo in full sizeWe had a family reunion in 2000 where my relatives grew up in Gomez, Pangasinan, in the Philippines. It was interesting for me to meet the people of my father's stories. My uncles and aunts showed me where they used to play, where their house was before, the land they owned and so on. At that reunion my father also showed me a mango tree that he has some great memories of. My father has an uncle who has a very peculiar sneeze. He sneezes continuously for several minutes without stopping and my father always thought this was hilarious. One time the uncle climbed this mango tree while my father waited to catch the mangoes he would drop. Suddenly my uncle got a sneeze attack. Afraid that he would fall, my father shouted at him to hug the tree. Whenever my father would tell this story to me, he would demonstrate how his uncle looked hugging the tree while having his sneezing spell- very funny!

We didn't have our website yet at the time of this reunion but my father and I are planning to have one in 2010 and I'm convinced MyHeritage will be a great tool to help disseminate information, gather new members, and update our tree.

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  1. hi! tintin medel i just read your story about your family. luckily we had the same surname but if you are going to ask me i realy dont know my family history all i know is my father was born @ bacolod city but now we stay @ QC. area. anyway tin im realy interested to know also my family history once you received this you can email me anytime thx & god bless you & your whole family.
  2. Hello, Jon! It is good to hear from you. I have your email address. Let's keep in touch and try to find out if we are related :)
  3. Hi Tintin,

    I am looking for my long lost relatives to fulfill my mother's wishes. She died without meeting any of her father's relatives. According to mother, my grandfather, Protacio Medel was from Davao and migrated to Manila where he met my grandmother. My mother's family got displaced & separated during WWII.

    Hope to hear from you,
  4. good

    read my mango story of this summer 2010 hereL

  5. hi, did u know Manuel Medel Sr. in Marabatuan Jose Abad Santos?
  6. Hello there! I'm another Medel, and another Jon Medel too it seems! I'm not sure if I'm related to anyone or not here... but, if it helps, my father's name was Clodualdo Medel, and my grandfather's name was Apolinar Medel. If you find I AM related in some way, it may also help to know that my mother's name is Cynthia Medel, my wife's name is Patricia, and I have four daughters named Bronte, Taylor, Shana and Josie.
  7. Hi, I am Raul G. Medel from Pigcawayan, Cotabato. My father's name is Ponciano R. Medel , my grandpa was Juan Medel, son of Don Leon Medel from Iloilo. My father and grandfather were marine engineers. my grandpa settled his family in cotabato way back in the 1920's migrating from Iloilo. I am also interested to find out my family roots. Facebook has opened my eyes realizing there's a lot of Medels nationwide.
  8. hi..i just want to inquire if we are of any relations.
    i was just wondering if know of ROSALYN MEDEL BERDOS, JONALYN MEDEL BERDOS..
    She lives in davao city phillipines.
  9. helow every one, i very interesting... i dont knw if i am related,, my great grandfather came from spain they were arive during the spanish colony... his nys is don manuel medel Sr. my grandfather was a junior of his father, manuel medel Jr.. they live in Jose abad santos ,davao del sur, particularly in brgy. sugal
  10. helow every one, i very interesting… i dont knw if i am related,, my great grandfather came from spain they were arive during the spanish colony… his nys is don manuel medel Sr. my grandfather was a junior of his father, manuel medel Jr.. they live in Jose abad santos ,davao del sur, particularly in brgy. sugal...

    Im sory, it's me Nichol Jordan Medel..sory sir jon..
  11. hi i am maria karen medel i was born in maguindanao...but currently were hir in manila...my father is rafael medel jr my grandfather is rafael medel sr(rip)...accordimg to my father we are from the line of Donato Medel i dont know if he is the son of benito or brother..hope i can meet u all...
  12. Hi my name is Jacqueline De Arce Medel, I'm very anxious to see if we are all related. I was born and raised in Butulan Jose Abad Santos Davao Del Sur a daughter of Celestino and Milagros Medel. My Grandfathers name is Don Manuel Medel Sr (from Spain) and Manuel Medel Jr is my fathers brother who lived in Marabatuan Jose Abad Santos Davao Del Sur......I'm currently in the USA. looking forward to hear from you real soon
  13. Hi Tin it's great to see Medels gathering for reunions. I don't know if I'm related to anyone here but I might as well give it a try Ruel Relos Medel and My father's name is Francisco P. Medel our family is from Lucena Quezon, I also have alot of relatives in Mandaluyong City. If anyone here have any idea's as to where I can contact my father please email me at leursoler@yahoo.com.
  14. Hello Everyone,
    My Grandmother is Alicia Jarabello Medel who were born and raised in Bacolod. When i was a kid she used to tell me stories about how big is the Medel Clan and mentioned some Surnames that are stilll quite familiar to me. My great grandmother are Perpetua Jarabello Medel and my great grand father is "Indon" Medel who used to be a provincial employee ( Treasury or Engineering) However, my Mom was raised by my grandparent's sister Elenina "Nanay Tambok or Nene " who married to Lazaro Villanueva Jarabello. Anyone knows my roots please feel free to email me. ❤️
  15. I'm a medel tracing my roots from mandaluyong, I am a direct descendant of delfin medel

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