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Happy Birthday America!

July 4th FireworksYou could see it in the new events section on your family site: today, the United States of America celebrates its 233rd birthday. It is a time when Americans remember the founding of the country and celebrate with family, friends, and fireworks. You might be surprised to find out that there's a good chance there's someone in your family who fought in the Revolutionary War. Let MyHeritage help you discover how your ancestors helped begin the great American experiment that is the United States.

The Sons and Daughters of the Revolution
Many families who have lived in the country for several generations can trace at least one branch of their family back to the Revolutionary War. Many of those Revolutionary ancestors helped the patriots in one way or another. Here are some of the ways your ancestors may have helped during the revolution:

- Serving in the Continental Army, Navy, or local militia, or French and Spanish veterans who fought with the Americans
- Serving in the Continental Congress, state government, or as a civil servant
- Signing of the Declaration of Independence

- Signing an Oath of Allegiance or an Oath of Fidelity and Support
- Participating in the Boston Tea Party
- POWs, doctors and nurses, ministers, and anyone else who aided or supported the cause.

Although most members are Americans, you don't have to be to join: King of Spain Juan Carlos I and British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill are also members of the Sons of the Revolution. These are examples of how international the world was back in 1776, and how wide a scope the revolution had.

independence day in your family eventsIf you want to take this year's Independence Day as an occasion to research and record your ancestors' service to the revolution, we have several tools for you:
Our MyHeritage Research tool allows you to search for ancestors in more than 1,500 databases, and our free Family Tree Builder software allows you to record your relationship with your patriotic ancestors and detail how they served the country.

Some famous Americans who know about their patriotic ancestors are listed below. You never know - you may be related to one of these people through a common revolutionary ancestor! Let MyHeritage help you find out:

civil rights leader Susan B. Anthony
aviator Amelia Earhart
astronaut Alan Shepard
Orville & Wilbur Wright, who invented the airplane

Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady Edith Roosevelt
Sarah Palin
the Rockefeller family

Henry David Thoreau
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Humphrey Bogart
Johnny Carson
Chevy Chase
Bing Crosby
Clint Eastwood
Richard Gere
Katharine Hepburn
Christopher Reeve
Orson Welles

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. Parabens a todos os Americanos pelo aniversário. Espero que o povo dos EUA, encontram a felicidade e amor em todas as famílias. Acho que o novo presidente é a esperança para todos vós. O resto do mundo espera que sejais felizes pois assim também ficaremos nos, felizes.
    Com as minhas saudações

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